Ishq Ka Rang Safed 19 September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update

IKRS, Ishq Ka Rang Safed 19th September 2015 Written Update (WU), Latest Story

Today’s (19.09.2015) Colors Serial ‘Ishq Ka Rang Safed’ episode starts with Viplav is upset at unconscious Dhani as she is not regaining consciousness while he too is tensed with his forced engagement with Dhani.

He tells her that what kind of a revenge is taking to him and curses her for fainting down in front of him.

He checks Dhani and finds out that her body is very cold. He covers the saree around her neck and starts rubbing her hands.

At Viplav’s house, Kanak and Tania are shocked to see Viplav and Dhani’s picture where the two appear very close to each other.

Tanya’s mother asks her why is so tensed and worried? Tania doesnot answer and tries calling Viplav but his phone comes switched off.

Tanya’s mom asks about Viplav to Kanak. Kanak says that he must be somewhere here, Tanya’s mother thinks that Kanak is trying to hide something.

At the temple, Viplav hears lightening and takes Dhani inside the temple and is worried about what to do for her.

Kanak asks Dasharath to come and see her mobile but before this happens Ram comes and says that he cannot take the gold that Dadji was giving to him in Sonal Tola process (gold weighing process). Dadji says that is his love for him and tells that we can talk about it later. Dasharath doensot see Dhani and Viplav’s pic that Kanak tries to show him.

Tanya and Tripurari come to the temple searching for Viplav. Viplav is still rubbing Dhani’s cold hands while Dasharath’s rival pandit is taking more pictures of him and Dhaani.

Viplav prays to Goddess Durga to show him a way to help Dhani and finds red saree of the God. He changes Dhani’s wet saree by looking on other side.

Meanwhile at the asharam, Dulari wakes up from sleep and is worried about Dhaani.

Viplav gives mouth to mouth (CPR) to Dhaani. Tripurari see this and tells Tanya not to see this. But Tanya witnesses this, she is heartbroken, shocked and leaves from there.

Viplav mixes some sweet in water in the temple and gives it to Dhaani to drink. Dhaani regains her consciousness.

Viplav hugs her and is happy that she is well, but Dhaani pushes him away from her.

At Viplav’s house Tanya’s mother is upset to see Viplav and Dhani’s pictures and tells Tanya that Viplav has affaie with that widow girl. She goes to dadji to seek answers.

Dhaani asks Viplav why is she in temple with him, he tells her how she fainted and he helped her. She asks about her saree and Viplav tells her that he had changed it for her.

Dhaani slaps Viplav.


Dhaani shouts at Viplav saying that his intentions were always wrong and he took advantage of her, how dare he could touch her or change her saree. he is actually a rakshas (devil).








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