Ishq Mein Marjawan 04 May 2018 Written Episode Written Update

Colors Ishq Mein Marjawan 04th May 2018 Written Update, Ishq Mein Mar Jawan Written Episode

Today’s (04.05.2018) Ishq Mein Marjawan episode starts with Deep and Aarohi are tied in a storehouse. Virat tells Prithvi that I was trying to find Vedika and I follwed the signals and went to a jungle.I saw a ditsch where Vedika has been buried,Prithvi says I can’t believe you. Virat tells him that I found a strand of hair there, I want to test your DNA and see if it matches Vedika’s DNA.

Deep and Aarohi wake up, the goons ask them where is Niku?Deep says who is telling you all these things,who’s orders are you following?The goons don’t say it, Aarohi says fine now Roma Raichand has sent these goons, Deep says no she can’t do this.Aarohi says who else will try to kill me?

Virat shows Vedika’s bracelet to Prithvi and shouts at him for abusing Roma,Prithvi says I am not Vedika’s father, where is her dead body?Virat says I din’t find the dead body.

Deep tells the goons that don’t try to mess with us, you don’t know who I am,the goon says you are Deep Raj Singh we know,and if you don’t tell us where Niku is then we will kill you also.Deep is again shocked and says I can’t believe it mummyji can do this.

Prithvi goes to Roma and tells her about Virat’s new findings and asks where Vedika is?Roma says right now I am caught up with Tara ,Deep and Virat’s issues, once Arohi is dead I will myself find Vedika.I will look for her.

Deep and tries to free himself from the chains, Aarohi says see mothers aren’t so selfish and cold, see she is fooling you. Now both of us have become her enemies. Deep says whatever the case is I don’t feel anything for you ,Arohi says you are lying.Till then the goons come back and torture Aarohi,she faints.Deep is concerned he tries to wake her up.

Virat gives Prithvi the DNA reports and tells him that the reports also prove that you are her father.Now I know that you are mom’s lover and I know that Vedika is my mom’s illegitimate child.

Deep wakes Aarohi up, Deep says listen  to me,I know mummyji is doing wrong things but you are responsible for that.I sent you away and hoped that you would run away

Virat is about to shoot Prithvi, Prithvi starts crying and says kill me,I don’t want to live in a world where I am being doubted and where Vedika is not alive anymore. But Virat says I will not kill you as you are very useful for me. Prithvi begs to know if Vedika is really dead,Virat says I will tell you only if you support me in something.Prithvi asks him what is the deal,Virat says help me in bringing this entire Raichand empire under my control.I want to take it from mom.Prithvi says so now you are betraying your mom,Virat says she is not a mother.She kills her own daughter,she cheats on her husband,she is so selfish that she is okay with murdering so many people,she cheated you in the beginning, she destroyed Arohi’s life when she was so innocent …then tell me does she deserve all of this?The empire is in wrong hands.Prithvi leaves the room saying he needs to talk to Roma.

Aarohi cries and says so now you blame me for everything that went wrong with my family?And if you really don’t love me then why did you save Niku?Deep says I am always bound by my family’s responsibilities and I never loved you ,I tried to give you a chance to get out of the situation but you messed it up.

Goons start hitting Deep in order to find out where Niku is, Aarohi screams for help, she tries to stop the goons, Deep faints. The goons say we will come back in half an hour if you don’t tell us then we will kill you.

Roma dramatically cries and shows to Prithvi that this is very shocking that my eldest daughter has died.She says what is happening these days, my daughter had a miscarriage now I come to know that Vedika is dead.Prithvi says stop acting and tell me where she is…Roma cries and says let me first finish off Aarohi’s topic then we will together look for Vedika.

Aarohi cries and tries to wake Deep.She tries to tend to Deep’s injuries with her dupatta. Deep wakes up and he remembers his olden days with Aarohi.He wakes up and tells Aarohi that I picked keys from the goon’s pocket so I can unlock you.I will stay here, you go and take Niku to a safe place.Aarohi says no I will not leave alone,she says I care for you and I know Roma is not going to spare you even if you think she will. Aarohi and Deep run away,Aarohi gets hurt and her foot starts bleeding.Deep lifts her in his arms and runs.

Roma says Virat is going mad,he is making up stories. Don’t believe his stories. Prithvi chokes her and tells her that Virat gave me all the proofs, Roma says that’s not true Arohi killed her.Prithvi says I know she was working with Arohi then why would she kill her?Roma says if you are making such nasty allegations on me then it shows that you don’t love me. Prithvi says I loved you that’s why I did not pull the trigger but I don’t love you anymore.Once I find out more about Vedika’s where abouts I will make sure you repay your deeds..

It is revealed that the goons are Aarohi’s men and not Roma’s.All of this is Aarohi’s plan to trap Deep.

PRECAP:Ishq Mein Marjawan 5th May 2018, – Arohi asks Deep where he has kept bhabhi and she tells him that we should go to London,Roma tells Deep and he and Tara need a break and they should go on a trip…




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