Ishq Man Marjawan 05 May 2018 Written Update,5th May 2018 Ishq Mein Mar Jawan Written Episode

Colors TV Ishq Man Marjawan 05 May 2018 Written Update,5th May 2018 Ishq Mein Mar Jawan Written Episode

Today’s (05 May 2018 Ishq Mein Marjawan) episode starts with…. Deep running with Aarohi . The goons hit Deep and Aarohi and both of them fall down.The head asks the other goons to not hit them so much that they will die as we need the information about Niku.

Prithvi is upset,he drinks and talks to Vedika’s picture.He says sorry I couldn’t save you,Virat comes there and says you couldn’t save her but you can avenge her death. Virat says listen to me, mom has destroyed several people with her power, let’s take all the power away from her. Prithvi says you are her son,you will do the same,Virat says I won’t and you don’t have anything else to do than support me. Prithvi says what is the proof that Roma killed Vedika?Virat says what more do I need to tell you? He says I wonder what mom told you that now you are again supporting her and showing loyalty towards her which is very stupid. He says whatever the case is ,I will definitely snatch everything away from mom.

Deep wakes up and calls out to Aarohi, she is watching him from behind.Deep frantically calls her,Arohi says Deep is not accepting this but he really cares for me, I will play the same game that he did.I will wait for him to confess his love to me and then I will reveal my true motives. But before that I will find out where bhbahi is.

Prithvi says to Virat that you are right, Roma doesn’t think beyond her selfishness. He says I will help you but I have one condition.He tells Virat to find out Vedika’s dead body,he says she was the only family and he wants to perform the last rites properly.Virat says I will look for her dead body.

Aarohi talks to the goons, she thanks them.The goons say Chawanni has saved us several times

Aarohi wakes up and requests to not hit her, Deep says its me,she says the goons hit me very badly, and hugs Deep.Deep says I am here,now I will kill them to pieces if they come back again,Aarohi cries. Deep and Arohi get up but Aarohi wails in pain,Deep sees she has a cut, and scolds her that if she knows she is hurt then she shouldn’t walk, Deep and Aarohi both look at each other..Ishq Mein Marjawan plays …… Deep drapes her foot with his handkerchief, Aarohi says she is fine now,Deep says he will see what can be done now and leaves. Aarohi says to herself that suddenly her heartbeat are raising,and I don’t understand why ?

Aarohi gets a phone call from bhabhi,Arohi asks her where she is,she talks about a phone booth and the call ends. Aarohi joins all the things that bhabhi had said over the phone and understands that bhabhi is in London….

Deep comes and tells Aarohi that we can leave now,the goons have gone somewhere we should hurry up.Arohi says where will you go?To the same cold hearted people who don’t care for you? Arohi says lets go somewhere don’t go back to that darkness. Deep says I am very sorry,I have done terrible things to you,but I respect you, you didn’t give up.I felt like killing myself when I came to know the truth behind my baby,but then you inspired me to stay alive and fight with the circumstances. So now I have decided that I will fight with the circumstances and live. Arohi says then come with me, stay with me,start a new life with me.Deep cries and looks at her.

Roma calls Tara,Arohi comes there as Tara, she tells Roma that I went out to think over everything that has happened in these two days and I know everything is because of Aarohi,but I have thought of a solution.Roma asks what solution,Aarohi says divorce..Tara says I will divorce Deep and then let him go wherever he wants to go,let him go back to his Aarohi.Roma says that person has always loved you, Aarohi as Tara says Deep doubted me ,he said I was faking my pregnancy,he is finding ways to go away from me.

Deep calls Roma and says I want to talk to you about yesterday,Roma says I am sorry for yesterday,whatever I said was terrible ,she joins her hands in front of Deep ,Deep says its okay don’t join your hands in front of me. Roma says forget about what has happened and start afresh from now on… Roma says you have done a lot of favours for me ,she says Tara was never a normal person but you took care of her and now if you leave then she will go back to being a murderer and she doesn’t listen to anyone but you.

Aarohi again gets a call from bhabhi and bhabhi tells her that she is near the London Bridge.Aarohi hopes  that Deep and Roma don’t plan to take Tara somewhere or else her London plan will fail…



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