Ishq Mein Marjawan 06 July 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Colors serial Ishq Mein Marjawan 06th July 2018 Written Episode, Ishq Mein Marjawa Written Update

Today’s (06/07/2018) Ishq Mein Marjawan episode starts with –

Aarohi is cooking in the new kitchen.Deep and Aarohi spend some romantic moments. Deep gets a measuring tape as he wants to know Aarohi’s dress sizes. Till then Arohi gets a call from Tara,Tara says Dee has taken the vows but they won’t be able to complete the rest of the rituals. Deep asks Arohi who’s call it is,Arohi gets scared and says its Tara, she immediately calls the inspector and says that they got a call from Tara.The inspector says that she has brought along Chjawanni with her and she is standing near their apartment only,Arohi says okay and cuts the call. Deep asks Arohi who’s call it was, Arohi says she had informed the police about everything and the inspector is here.Deep says she shouldn’t have called the police. He goes somewhere.

The inspector tells the other policemen to take Chawanni to Arohi Deep’s home upstairs and she gets a call from the commissioner.Chawanni and other policemen go in the elevator.They reach Deep’s floor,Deep sees him, the elevator stops working, just like it did when Deep was traveling. Deep again opens the door and tells Chawanni to push himself upstairs till then they hear Aarohi shrieking. Deep thinks that Virat and Tara have gone upstairs.

He goes upstairs and finds Aarohi tied to the table. Aarohi cries and tells Deep that somebody came and took away the ring.Her hand is bleeding,Arohi cries and apologizes. Deep tells her that he will give her 100 more rings like that one but for him her life is more important.Deep tells Aarohi that this place is not safe anymore and it’s better to go back to their old house. Aarohi tells him that she is hoping that one day they will come back here.Deep sees her bleeding hand and takes her home.

Virat and Roma smile. It is shown that while Deep was trying to get Chawanni out of the elevator, Tara came to Arohi and switched with her.In the flashback it is shown that Tara comes to Aarohi and scolds her for staying with her husband. Tara says that she is going to kill her,she cuts the ring and Virat hits her on the head. Aarohi falls down unconscious, they exchange their clothes and now Tara says taht Deep will die but now she will kill him as Aarohi not as Tara. Now Tara is with Deep as Aarohi and the real Aarohi is kidnapped by the Raichands.

At home, Tara asks Deep to promise her that he will always love her,Deep promises her. Tara says think about it Deep,if you break your promise then I will punish you. Deep says alright,Tara hugs him and says that she knew that he loves only her and he will never break his promise.Tara thinks that Deep has already broken the promise and so she will punish him,she has a poison capsule that she plans to give Deep.Tara tells Deep to prove his love and kiss her,Tara has a capsule in her mouth. Deep is about to kiss her and suddenly he gets up and slaps her.Deep gets angry and says that how did she think that he won’t recognize her.Deep tells her that she can’t fool him and Arohi. It is shown that when Tara hugged Deep,Deep understood that it’s Tara and not Aarohi. Deep asks Tara to tell him his past and asks her where Aarohi is or else she will be stuck with him and he could do anything.Tara says now she has become numb now his anger doesn’t affect her anymore. She tells him she doesn’t feel hurt anymore, she releases herself from Deep’s hold and bangs her head on the table and says see she doens’t feel anything.Deep is uncomfortable with Tara’s behavior,Tara gets violent and says that if he can’t be hers then he can’t be anyone’s husband. She laughs and says she is not going to let him find out where Aarohi is.

Virat tells Arohi and Roma that Deep must be dead by now, so they decide to kill Aarohi.Virat asks Roma if he should kill her,Roma says she will do it because because of Aarohi her family became homeless and her career got over. Aarohi takes chilly powder in her hand and throws it at Virat and Roma, she runs away. Aarohi intelligently keeps her duppata near the sofa so that Roma and Virat get a wrong lead. But Virat catches hold of Arohi, Roma gets a call from Tara,its a video call she picks up and asks if Deep is dead,Deep appears on the screen and starts talking to Roma.Deep says no mummyji Deep is still alive and says that she should actually ask if Tara is alive. Roma says if he does anything to Tara then she will kill Arohi,Deep says he wanted to say the same thing, if they Arohi then they will never see Tara. He shows Roma that Tara has been tied and she can’t escape.Deep hurts her finger Tara screams, Tara then laughs and tells Roma to not worry as she knows Deep can never hurt her.Deep says he doesn’t want to kill Tara he just wants to torture her. Tara screams.Roma tells her she is ready to do whatever Deep says. Deep says he wants Araohi and they can take Tara, he says he will message them the address and tells them to bring Aarohi.Virat says he will kill the both of them.

Police catch hold of Dilip,Roma hides, Deep sees Roma hiding so he starts blackmailing her that id she doesn’t tell him about his past then he will hand her over to the police. Roma says if she tells him his past then he will kill himself. Deep insists to tell him, Roma says Deep’s mom was a kind woman but she sadly got killed and her own son i.e Deep killed her.Deep is shocked Roma laughs and goes

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