Ishq Mein Marjawan 06 June 2018 Written Update, Written Episode

Colors serial Ishq Mein Marjawan 06th June 2018 Written Episode, Ishq Mein Mar Jawan Written Update, Ishq Mein Marjawan written update

Today’s (06.06.2018) Ishq Mein Marjawan episode starts with Deep asks Danny who is he while holding his collar, Danny requests him to leave his collar, Deep asks him if he is really a lawyer or is he only pretending.

Arohi tells him to leave danny’s collar. Danny also warns him to leave his collar else he will so something that he has never thought of of, Deep say what will you do.Danny hugs him and surprises Deep. He says i told you so. Deep says don’t act smart. Deepa asks him again who are you really.

Danny tells arohi to please tell your husband to spare me as you owe it to me as i have saved you. Deep takes Arohi and leaves him. They come home and Arohi asks Deep why did he raise on the guy who saved her.

Deep’s mom Roma is standing on the table dressed as politician and Virat tells her to get down, she gives speech like politician. Virat tries to stop her, she asks Deep to throw him out and curses him.

Arhi thinks Roma has lost it after being injured on her head. Virat asks his mum what is she doing. She faints down. Prithvi and virat take her to the room. Prithvi says i can’t believe if Roma is pretending or has she gone crazy.

Virat says i have to find out the girl who is staying with us, who is she.

Tara is happy shopping, she spots her posters on the road and hides her face. She picks knife from a vendor in the market, a man is spying on her. 

Arohi thinks if Roma is pretending or really lost her memory. Virat comes to her and asks her since when has she started doing household chores, Arohi says that’s because i have changed, she asks how is Mum, Virat says she is OK, he starts asking her childhood related questions. Arohi gets tensed and makes an excuse that mum is not well. He tells her i am waiting for you out, arohi thinks virat wants to again put her to test.

A cop points gun at tara and tells her not to try and escape. The cop says you are under arrest Ms Aarohi. Tara says on God once again, she tells the cop i will have to put on my forehead that i am tara, cops asks her for some id. She says that Arohi has stolen my id, another cop points out to his senior that this girl is carrying knife in her bag, she is aarohi only.

Danny comes there and says please leave her, and arrest me, cops asks who is he, he says i am the serial killer, the cop says what, danny says by keeping a knife, someone cannot become a serial killer, Daddy says Ms Tara looks like you have kept me on job to save you. the cops leave, danny offers to drop tara home. 

Tara enters Deep’s house and shouts out Deep i have come home. Virat takes Aarohi to basketball court and tells her that we will be playing basketball just like in our childhood. he shows her the other team, aarohi is tensed, virat says today i will find out who is she, Arohi or Tara.

Deep asks Danny why is he her, he says you wife has got me here. 

Virat and his friends starts playing, Virat asks her what happened, you used to score so easily when you had the ball in your hand. 

Danny tells Deep how he saved his wife from the police. Deep thinks about Danny’s marks on his hands. Deep tells Arohi (real Tara) he has caught the apple just like how she used to play basket ball in childhood. 

Arohi is in a situation as she is playing basketball with Virat. Tara tells Deep that i have purchased new knives that are very sharp. Deep tells Aarohi (real tara) that next time you should take your driver licence.

Virat gives a hint to Arohi and says if she gets it then she is Tara, Arohi thinks what should i do and prays.  Deep wonders why is arohi (real tara) behaving weird unaware that she is real Tara. Tara says i can hear your heartbeat Deep, it is beating so fast.


tara gives milk to Deep. Virat tells tara (real arohi) to show her favorite move in basketball. 


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