Ishq Mein Marjawan 09 May 2018 Written Episode IMMJ Written Update

Colors Ishq Mein Marjawan 09th May 2018 Written Update, Ishq Mein Mar Jawan Written Episode

Today’s (09.05.2018) Ishq Mein Marjawan episode starts with Aarohi crying over bhabhi’s death.Tara says you have fallen in Deep’s track, you haven’t brought him here.He has brought you here. Tara strangles Aarohi and again a hooded figure takes away Tara,Deep again comes running from the same direction. He sees the strangle marks on Aarohi’s neck and says I will catch the person who did this to you.

Roma is looking for her phone. Prithvi says I will help you, Virat is watching this from outside. Prithvi takes out his phone from his pocket and puts it for charging and tells Roma that the phone was there only. Roma gets confused,she says the phone wasn’t there ,how did it come here?Prithvi says you should see a doctor,this is happening because of stress.

Aarohi remembers bhabhi’s words,she cries .Aarohi cries and says is it really true that Deep is with Tara, and if it is true then if she dies then who will take care of Niku….

Virat doesn’t eat and leaves the table,Roma asks him to eat,but he leaves. Roma says there was a time when Virat used to spend time with me,now everything is finished, she says now I have called a political fixer and I will revive my political career ,because my family has started sidelining me I will regain all the respect with my new career.Prithvi is talking with her,till then she  again sees Virat going out of the door leaving the house,she asks Prithvi when did Virat come back I didn’t see him,didn’t he leave before only Prithvi says no I saw him right now, Roma says he left before he was sitting on the table I shouted at him after he left,Prithvi says I didn’t see Virat on the table and you also didn’t say anything.It’s all in your head

Deep asks Aarohi where she had went,Aarohi says yeah Deep leaves for a business meeting and tells Arohi to stay at home. Aarohi wonders what business meeting this is, she sees the hooded person’s jacket in the living room and she feels that all of this is Tara and Deep’s plan.Arohi calls Chawanni and tells him that Tara fooled us by calling as bhabhi,now Deep and Tara are together in this plan and they are after me, Chawanni says if Deep wanted to kill you and Niku then he would have done it before only.Aarohi tells Chawanni that she will feed Deep the powder and she will kill him.Deep comes home and tells Aarohi that he is hungry ,Aarohi as Tara says now I will decide the venue.Deep says sure.

Roma talks with the political fixer and tries to impress him with her aura.

Aarohi brings Deep to a port and goes to get dinner for him. Deep sees a couple and remembers the time he had spent with Aarohi in London,Ishq Mein Marjawan plays,he renumbers the time when he had danced with Arohi in London.Till then  Aarohi comes back with Deep’s favorite dinner and she has put in the drugged powder to kill Deep.Deep gets a stomach ache and starts coughing, Aarohi says let’s go to the doctor.

Virat meets the politician ,the politician says I am impressed with Roma’s patriotism and I will try my best to give her a seat in Rajya Sabha,Virat says I will pay you double of what Roma has payed you, he also tells the politician that Roma is having memory issues these days, and Virat is the future,he asks the politician what will he chose?Young blood or an oldie like Roma,the politician says definitely young blood you because the future is in your hands.

The politician again comes back in the evening,Roma says what did you decide after our morinig discussion?The politician says we never met,he shows Roma that the morning meeting is her imagination and leaves.Roma is bewildered.

Deep suddenly tells Arohi that he is all fine and the stomach ache has gone away. Arohi is shocked,Deep says lets go home and sleep.Deep comes back home and goes off to sleep. Arohi gets a call from Tara, Tara tells her that she and Deep both changed the posion bottles so Deep didn’t get poisoned atall. Aarohi tells her that she will kill all the Raichands one by one after going back to India,Tara says you can’t go back because we have taken your passport.Aarohi feels that Deep is really involved with Tara in the plan.

PRECAP:10 May 2018 Ishq Mein Marjawan- Tara stabs Aarohi,Aarohi tries to shoot Deep...


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