Ishq Mein Marjawan 15 March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update

Colors serial Ishq Mein Marjawan Written Update 15th March 2018, Ishq Mein Mar Jawan Written Episode Full Update

Today’s (15.03.2018) Ishq Mein Mar Jawan episode starts with Deep tells Aarohi that surprises are waiting for her,till then he’ll go and finish his work.Deep starts leaving,but Aarohi calls him and stops him.She says she wants to be with him all the time.Deep says that’s what he likes about her and tells her lets go for a long ride.You go tell mom till then I’ll start the car.Aarohi goes to see Taara’s mom, but there’s no one there.Till the time she comes back Deep has left.Deep says how could you thnk that I’ll take you to Niku and smirks.


Aarohi calls Chawanni and tells him that Deep has most probably left to see Niku. Chawanni follows Deep. However Chawanni loses track of Deep’s car.

Aarohi goes to meet Taara and she instigates her by telling her that Deep has kept Aarohi’s nephew and sbhabhi alive.She scares her and tells her that they are witnesses to your crimes and they can destroy her.Aarohi says that Deep is betraying her,but Taara doesn’t believ her.Taara laughs at her and says that she understands Aarohi is fooling around with her because if they would have been alive then she would have already been caught by the police.Taara insults Aarohi and makes fun of her. Aarohi comes out and tells Chawanni that she was telling this to Taara because she felt Taara might tell Niku’s whereabouts after her telling her that Deep is betraying her. Till then Deep calls Aarohi and tells her to come home for the surprise. Aarohi is scared, Chawammi tells her to relax.

Aarohi enters the house and Deep is sitting on the couch comfortably. Deep asks her if she finally met Niku, Aarohi says she has better work than keeping a check on his enemies. Deep says alright leave that now,let’s celebrate. Aarohi asks what for? Deep says yeah obviously you won’t know because you are Taara and not Aarohi. It’s my wedding anniversary, the fake wedding that he had with Arohi. Aarohi acts like Taara. Deep says wait there is an announcement.Deep calls the doctor who has helped Aarohi make a fake pregnancy report. He tells the doctor to speak the truth or else he will kill him, the doctor says yes Aarohi made him make a fake pregnancy report.Deep challenges Aarohi to say something in defense.Aarohi is shocked. Aarohi retorts by telling Deep that he has crossed all the limits and he is disrespecting his own child and he has made a joke out of their unborn child.Deep laughs at her and hands her the finger prints reports.He explains her that the reports are saying that the finger prints are Aarohi’s. Aarohi is shocked. Deep says he was always doubtful of her.He says if she is Tara then why does the report say that she is Aarohi.

PRECAP;16th March,Friday- Same precap as 14th March. Virat,Deep and Tara’s mom shoot Aarohi.



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