Ishq Mein Marjawan 22 June 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Colors Ishq Mein Marjawan 22nd June 2018 Written Episode, Ishq Mein Marjawan Written Update

Today’s (22.06.2018) Ishq Mein Marjawan episode starts with –

Roma makes a video call with Aarohi, Arohi sees Deep bleeding and Roma points a gun at Deep,Deep is again unconscious Roma tells her to bring Tara to her otherwise she will kill Deep. Aarohi cries no and says she will get Tara, before cutting the call Roma says Deep loves you so much that today he screamed at me and he almost tried to fight me for you,Roma says I told him that I will kill you and he calmed down.Roma taunts Arohi. Arohi is tensed.She releases Tara. Tara chokes her ,she says Arohi will die a terrible death,no one will even find out it’s Arohi…..Tara calls Roma and tells her to not do anything to Deep,because he will get punished for his deeds but she will do it.She tells Roma to keep Virat bhaiyya away from Deep or else he will kill him before her.

Virat traces Arohi’s location through her call, on the way he sees Prithvi’s dead body. Virat is shocked, he is not ready to believe it. He cries ,he remembers all the happy moments he spent with Prithvi. He says that now Aarohi has made me angrier and now I will make sure she is dead. He looks at Prithvi and says he will avenge his death,he says he will miss him.

Virat takes Prithvi’s dead body home. Roma happily tells him that Arohi has released Tara and she hopes that she kills Aarohi there and then. Virat tells Roma about Prithvi’s death,Roma collapses looking at his dead body. She says its like Arohi has cut my hand I feel handicapped. Virat tells her not to cry as they have a lot to do to avenge Prithvi’s death.

Tara comes to Roma, Roma hugs her .Roma asks her if Arohi is dead or is she lying down somewhere taking her last breaths? Shockingly it is revealed that it’s Arohi who has come back not Tara. She says Tara is lying down somewhere catching her last breaths. Roma and Virat are shocked.Arohi says she has come to take Deep. It is shown that while Tara called Roma ,Arohi found a plank and hit her with it and tied her down.Virat points his gun at Arohi,Arohi says if you want Tara alive then don’t kill me or else you won’t ever find her and that place has no oxygen.Aarohi tells Virat that she will tell him the location only if they leave Deep. Roma stops Virat from shooting Arohi.

It is shown that Tara is feeling suffocated,there is no air.She sees an oxygen cylinder but her hands are tied so she is not able to reach there.

Arohi goes to Deep, she tells Deep who is unconscious that she will free him ,she says she doesn’t know if she will come back alive with him but she says that the ones who die in love are to be remembered forever.She tells Deep that she loves him and hopes that he will remember her happily.She kisses Deep on his forehead. Deep is unconscious. Arohi tells Roma to free Deep and she tells Virat to drop him in the rickshaw near by, Chawanni has come with the rickshaw. Roma says she doesn’t understand Arohi’s plan. She asks Arohi if she is sacrificing herself to them then as it is she is not going to meet Deep then why is saving him. Aarohi says love attains a higher level when a lover dies for his soulmate, she says ready is ready to die for Deep,

Arohi tells Chawanni to take Deep to the police station. Roma tells Virat something. Roma tells Arohi to take her to Tara.The jailer follows Virat’s car and says she knows that the jail incident happened because of him.She tells Virat to stop the car.

Roma thinks Virat should catch Deep so that Arohi fails.But Virat comes back ,he tells Roma that he couldn’t follow him because the police caught him so he had to run away. Virat tells Arohi that he won’t let her meet Deep ever. Aarohi repeats that she s ready to give her life ,she isn’t scared.Aarohi gets a call from Chawanni, Chawanni says that he could not reach to the police station because Deep gained back his consciousness and he wanted water so he stopped at a shop but by the time he gave Deep the bottle Deep ran away. Arohi tells Chawanni that she knew Deep would do something of this sort so she had fixed a tracking device in his phone. Arohi tells Chawanni that he will inform him about Deep’s location. Aarohi tries calling Deep,Deep’s phone is out of coverage area. Arohi wonders if Virat has caught Deep and he is lying to her that he didn’t get Deep.

PRECAP : 23/06/2018 Ishq Mein Marjawan -Roma is about to kill Arohi,she tells her that Virat has found out where Tara has been kept and now the Raichand family doesn’t need Aarohi. 


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