Ishq Mein Marjawan 26 July 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Colors serial Ishq Mein Marjawan 26th July 2018 Written Episode, Ishq Mein Marjawan Written Update

Today’s (26.07.2018) Ishq Mein Marjawan episode starts with…..

Aarohi reaches to the bungalow and sees Deep’s picture inside. She sees a lady coming out of the bungalow and she is covering her face. Aarohi thinks now she feels that there is definitely a connection between her plastic surgery and this bungalow. Arohi thinks that Deep must be involved in this.

Virat comes to the Raichand house, he comes face to face with Tara but calls her Arohi.Virat says to her that he knows she will never forgive him but he needs to talk to her.Tara is about to say that she is Tara but Deep enters the convo and shouts at Virat for entering the house again.Virat tells Deep that he is repenting what he has done, he feels really guilty and now he is very tired of the murders and all the terrible things that he has been doing.Virat tells Deep that it’s very important for him to talk to Aarohi ,he keeps requesting Deep but Deep pushes him away and tells him to not come close to his wife. Deep tells Virat that he will call the police again so that they arrest you, Virat tells him that he got out on bail and he directly came to meet him because he wants to apologize. Tara takes Deep away and tells him that he should listen to Virat atleast once. Tara tells Deep that he doesn’t know that she is Tara and not Arohi,Deep says that she needs to understand that she can’t make any mistake or else Virat will understand that she is Tara. And Arohi would never talk to him so she shouldn’t agree for this.Tara says I want to know what Virat bhaiyya wanted to talk to Arohi.Deep gets a call and he is shocked…

Arohi breaks into the bungalow. She sees his picture there,Arohi cries and wonders why Deep keeps betraying her.She wonders if he never really loved her,he kept playing with her emotions and she kept falling in the trap.She says that her problem is that she still can’t get over him and she can’t hate him. Arohi goes to drink water in the kitchen, she thinks that she can’t give up just because Deep has betrayed her and she has to live for the child because she wants to raise the child as a memory of her love and positivity that she gave to Deep not a memory of Deep’s betrayal.

Deep comes to the place and attacks Arohi,Arohi hides behind a cupboard. Deep comes looking for her.She goes to a room and hides there.Aarohi escapes from the place. Deep understands that she has escaped. Arohi thanks Mata Rani.

Virat talks to Tara mistaking her for being Arohi. Virat says that he knows his apology doesn’t make any sense but honestly he did whatever he did just for the sake of his sister Tara but he only got betrayal in return .Virat tells Arohi that whoever tried to protect Tara and defended her ended up in trouble. He was sent to jail,mom died,  and everything happened because of Tara and she doesn’t care about her family she is roaming around freely outside. Tara is actually very angry but she acts like Aarohi and composes herself. She asks Virat what he wants now, Virat says now he wants to support her and Deep and punish Tara. Tara thinks Virat bhaiyya is such a traitor that he is siding with Aarohi that so for punishing his own sister. Virat thinks that mending his relations with Aarohi and Deep is the only way to reach Tara as Tara won’t stay away from both of them for  along time.

Deep slaps the security guard and says he should stop drinking and dozing off.The guard says he heard glass breaking so he went there to see what’s happening,Deep shows him Arohi picture ,guard says it was the same lady to broke into his house. Deep thinks he knew she won’t give up easily and now he has to stop her before she starts getting to the things she is not supposed to know.He thinks now it’s very important to catch her or else everyone is going to be in trouble.

Araohi wonders who tried to attack her , she thinks why was Deep’s picture in the house and who was the mysterious girl who went out covering her face. Arohi gets a phone in the house and brings it to see if she can find out anything. The phone is locked but suddenly it opens Arohi doesn’t understand what happened,she understands it’s facial recognition. All the contact no.s are saved in code words,she calls and people keep disconnecting her calls. Aarohi doesn’t understand how the phone is recognizing her phone.

Sudha comes looking for Arohi and finds her ,she takes Arohi to her bhaiyya’s house.Sudha take sher to the house and tells her that her bhaiyya has a night duty so he will come back in the morning. Sudha sees that there is no milk and there are no vegetables so she goes out to get everything. Arohi sees a small mandir there ,she prays and asks God to help her in finding her answers. She hears a knock on the door,she opens the door and sees a letter addressed to her with her name written on it.

She reads the letter,the writer of the letter tells Arohi that she knows she is Arohi and she has all the answers that she will answer after meeting her near Gandhi Park. Turns out it’s very close to her place.The same girl who went out of Deep’s house covering her face comes to meet Aarohi and she looks exactly like Arohi. She hits Aarohi ,Arohi faints.

PRECAP : 27/07/2-18 Ishq Mein Marjawan -The girl calls Arohi and tells her that there are a lot of people who don’t want her to know the truth and she is in great danger…


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