Ishq Mein Marjawan 26 March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update

Colors serial Ishq Mein Marjawan 26th March 2018 Written Update, Ishq Mein Mar Jawan Written Episode

Today’s (26.03.2018) Ishq Mein Marjawan episode starts with

Colors serial Ishq Mein Marjawan 26th March 2018 Written Update, Ishq Mein Mar Jawan Written Episode

Today’s (26.03.2018) Ishq Mein Marjawan episode starts with Virat calling Deep for a game of snooker. Virat says he wants to ask him something. Deep says go ahead. Virat congratulates him for getting married to Tara for the second time, but what will you feel if you get to know that you are not marrying Tara but Aarohi? Deep says this is nonsense because this is really Taara, I saw the sonography reports and Aarohi would have never agreed for this marriage. Virat says you are fooling around with our family,you are deceiving us with Aarohi. That’s why you kept the video from us. Deep says because Tara showed it to me and I kept it from you’ll because I didn’t want to stress everyone. Virat says it’s not Tara it’s Aarohi, even the dancers took Taara’s name after yours, Niku coming to this house is also weird and everything indicates that she is not Tara,she is Aarohi. Deep thinks on…

Arohi goes to Niku’s room.Niku feels scared, she sings a song in order to show Niku that she is not Tara she is Arohi. Niku feels a bit relieved but till then Deep comes to the room, Aarohi suddenly stops singing. Deep tells her to continue, Aarohi covers up by saying that she felt like playing with kids so she came here.Deep says he wants to talk to her and he takes her to their room.

He teels Aarohi that the video wasn’t a CCTV footage, it was a deliberate video. And why would Aarohi make this video of herself and disclose her identity, so I feel that you are only Aarohi and you are doing this? Aarohi says , she is tired of Deep’s suspicions but she will still answer him.She tells him that face is just a shallow representation of the person’s soul,you should try to see the soul not the face,face can be deceiving.Aarohi shows him his name’s tattoo that she has on the neck. Deep starts believing her,she also tells him that the video isn’t a CCTV footage,it was taken by a ward boy in the hospital who gave it to me, mistaking me to be Aarohi.

Deep tells Virat,Aarohi has tattooed my name on her neck. She is going to give me my family. Virat writes Tara’s name on the wall and says now just because I wrote this name on the wall doesn’t mean that the wall is now Tara. Virat keeps convincing Deep that it’s Aarohi because she might have come back to take a revenge. Deep tells him to stay away as he trusts Taara, but Virat says that he is going to disclose this fake Tara’s true identity. Deep says do whatever you want to but if he hurts Taara then Deep will not leave him.Deep also says that he doubts Virat and his intentions after the Holi incident and feels that its Virat who is plotting against the family and trying to create a ridt between Taara and Deep.

Virat calls someone and asks the person to give him all details about Aarohi Kashyap.

Aarohi is talking to Chawanni. Chawanni says the tatto is temporary, Aarohi says she will manage something.She tells him that she doesn’t want to marry Deep but she isn’t able to stop the wedding from happening.

Roma asks Deep and Aarohi to make a list of everyone they want to invite. Deep takes the people’s names and Aarohi goes on writing. Deep then asks Aarohi what the name of your friend who is the mayor’s son also, Aarohi is bewildered, Roma tells him the name.Aarohi is saved,she writes it down. Virat enters the scene and asks if he can also invite someone, Roma says it’s your sister’s wedding you can do whatever you want to do. Virat says he is inviting a special guest, the jailer of Simla police station-Durga Yadav. Virat stares at Aarohi ,Aarohi acts cool. She says all of this is very boring ,I’m leaving for the parlor. Virat says before that meet this person,he calls Durga Yadav inside as he had already called her.

PRECAP-27th March,2018 Written Update:Durga hugs Aarohi and says wow Aarohi you have changed yourself completely,Aarohi is shocked...



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