Ishq Mein Marjawan 27 April 2018 Written Episode,27th April 2018 Ishq Mein Marjawan Written Update

Colors Ishq Mein Marjawan 27th April 2018 Written Update, Ishq Mein Marjawan Written Episode

Today’s (27.04.2018) Ishq Mein Marjawan episode starts with  Aarohi tells Deep that she still loves him.Aarohi tells him that you only look at Tara as a responsibility, take me somewhere away from this place we will live a nice life together.Deep says that’s not possible, you will have to die,I am a stone-hearted person, I don’t love anyone I only follow my duties.

Virat wants to meet Tara,Chawanni doesn’t let him go,but after a lot of scolding he pushes Chawanni away and goes to the room.Aarohi reaches in time,Virat enquires where you were?Aarohi says I went for a long drive after knowing about mom’s past.Virat says you should take care of yourself,you take rest now and leaves.Chawanni asks Arohi what happened with Deep?She tells him that Deep is a monster he felt nothing,Chawanni says ask as Tara instead of Arohi.Arohi says no that won’t work. Deep isn’t able to forget what Aarohi was saying to him.He imagines Arohi in-front of him and Arohi says to him that you took away my everything but still I was ready to forgive you,you didn’t ,Deep imagines himself killing Aarohi and telling her hat he has no love for her,he is bound by responsibilities and duties towards Tara and mummyji and that is all he cares about. He sees her falling down losing her breath and he cries for her ,suddenly he gets up from the dream.He thinks why does Aarohi matter to him so much,he shouldn’t be thinking about her but why does he think about her?Why did I cry seeing Aarohi dead?Roma is staring down at him,she tells him I don’t have a problem with your defeat,I have a problem with Arohi winning this.She says she can’t see her family falling apart,Deep says I will take care of it I won’t let you lose.

Aarohi tells Niku that she will soon find out where bhabhi is.Deep calls Arohi from downstairs,Aarohi doesn’t pickup as she feels he will find out.Deep is irritated that she doesn’t pickup.The servants talk about Deep and Tara’s wedding photos,they say where is the video?Deep says there is none.The other servant says you don’t need one because there are so many cctv cameras in the house.Deep and Aarohi both realize that the cctv cameras can catch Arohi.Deep says now I will check the footage and find out how Aarohi came in the house,Arohi panics.

Arohi goes to Virat and says bhaiiyya you were going to tell me something yesterday tell me what it was.Virat says I went to Vedika’s house,but somebody burnt down everything in the house,except I got one evidence in the house,Arohi says what is it?Virat says there was a photo,but he isn’t able to find it.Aarohi says what evidence?Virat says this person took that evidence from our house,Arohi says so you are right somebody in this house is betraying us. Virat says you are right this house has become a madhouse.Virat says now wait.Aarohi says good now go and create  a chaos,so that Deep gets distracted.

Chawanni acts like he has a sprain in the ankle and Deep goes out to help him.He keeps Deep busy and till then Virat comes out shouting at Roma.

Virat goes out and calls out to Roma.He shouts at her and tells her that you are still covering that man.He tells her that I went to Vedika’s house, and now all evidences are gone. You are only saving that monster  because you are still involved with him,Tara says what!She shouts at Roma, Roma cries, Deep shouts at Arohi for talking in this manner with her.Virat again makes nasty allegations,finally Deep slaps him and tells him to shut up,he says you are lucky you are mummyji’s son so I am leaving. Virat insults him for interfering in the family matters and slaps him back,Roma sees this.Aarohi hopes that Chawanni has finished deleting the footage.Roma holds a gun at herself, she says this my fate my own son doesn’t respect me,but this Deep who is not blood related to me he loves me and respects me.She says I want to shoot myself, Deep stops her ,Virat says this is all a drama and it’s not going to work on me. I will find out the truth. Prithvi thinks I did not take the photo neither did Roma,then who was it,turns out it’s Aarohi who takes the picture.

Arohi tells Chawanni that whatever happened downstairs, was a lesson for you.Chawanni asks why?Aarohi says people who harm others always get the same treatment in the end,no matter how big palaces they build.Whatever Virat said to Roma was shocking for a mother to hear from her son.

Arohi again gets a call from her bhabhi,bhabhi calls out for help and tells her to save her.Aarohi says where is bhabhi,how do I find out?Chawanni says I could delete all the footage but I couldn’t turn off the cameras, so now again you will have to be careful .Chawanni says now we have to do something and take out the camera now, Aarohi says then Deep will again put a new camera.Arohi says now I will make Deep take out the camera,through Roma,because he only listens to Roma.She asks Chawanni if he coped the footage on a pendrive,Chawanni says yes and gives her the pen-drive.

Aarohi sends Deep the video where Deep and Virat are fighting, Deep angrily asks her what did she send him?and why? Aarohi says I know what’s going on in the house,I want to give this to the media, Deep is frustrated and he pulls out the camera wires  and tells her now she won’t be able to get any updates .

PRECAP:28th April,2018-Nayak vs. Khalnayak episode.


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