Ishq Subhan Allah 03 December 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Zee TV Ishq Subhan Allah 03rd December 2018 Written Episode, Ishq Subhan Allah Written Update 03 Dec 2018

Today’s (03.12.2018) Ishq Subhan Allah episode starts with Ruksar insists Kabir to play with him, Zara comes there and says come lets play, Ruksar says no, today only kabir will play, Zara still goes ahead to convince Ruksar, Kabir stops her and recollects their differences over Salma’s words and how zara blames him to make big sissue out of small things, and how he told her that from now on i will take responsibility of Ruksar.

He goes to Ruksar, Zara says don’t do this, Kabir tells Ruksar a story of a good girl who turned bad beaause she was self centered and selfish, zara says at least listen to me, Kabir says i don’t want to listen anything as i have to tell a story to Ruksar, Zara tells him not to make a mistake, you will regret later, she tells him a poem about making mistakes and going through difficult time, he tells her its nice poem, but this time it is on you, Kabir tells her now i will show you how to make big mistake out of nothing, Ruksar tells zara to go as she has to play with kabir, she closes the door on her, Zara is in tears as she recollects Kabir’s harsh words, she rushes to her room, Alina sees her crying.

Kabir is reading a story to Ruksar, she disturbs him, he tells her not to as he is already upset because of Zara, Zara comes to the room, she tells you are saying wrong thing in the story, life is not about happiness but anger, he says i told you to stay away from me, she says its all about your anger, he tells her to leave else he will only throw her out of room. He tells you have ruined my life, you are self centered person, you always claimed me to be yous 100% then why are you not, if you want to side your parents then go be with them, why are you here, he gets very angry, he says tells something, he realizes that it is Ruksar, she tells you are a bad person you shout on me, i don;t want you, she is crying, Kabir tries to make up to her, she gets better, she says so today who will make me sleep. kabir or Zara, he is stuck.

Zara is upset in her room and throws things around, she says today it is my biggest loss, as Kabir chose to stay with Rukar over me, she says Kabir you should have killed me, Ayesha goe sto Ruksar’s room and sees Ruksar is sleeping on kabir’s lap on her bed. Ayesha gets a call from salam, she requests her to come outside the house as she has to meet her, Ayesha goes out to meet Salma update in progress.

Salma says sorry to Ayesha, she says i never intended to create problems between Kabir and Zara, you are mother, you can see in my eyes, she says let us both go and talk to Kabir and Zara, Ayesha is tensed as Kabir is in Ruksar’s room, Ayesha says, this is not the time, let me clam the situation in the house, then everyone will be ready to hear us, she says please trust me, go home now.

Next morning, every one is at the breakfast table, there is tension between Kashan and Kabir as Kashan avoids sitting next to Kabir, Shabaz asks for Zara, Ayesha makes an excuse for her that she might be sleeping late night, Ruksar comes and tells Zeenat last night Kabir spent entire night with me, all are shocked. Ruksar says we had fun time and he made me sleep, she says innocently but all are shocked, Ruksar tells Kabir to tells everyone, Kabir leaves the table, Ayesha goes to check on Zara, zara does not open the door, she informs Kabir.

Ishq Subhan Allah 04 December 2018 PRECAP:

Kabir forcefully opens the dor, He enters the room, Kabir, Ayesha and Alina are shocked.

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