Ishq Subhan Allah 18 September 2018 Written Update, Written Episode

Zee TV serial Ishq Subhan Allah 18th September 2018 Written Episode, Ishq Subhan Allah Written Update

Today’s (18.09.2018) Ishq Subhan Allah episode starts with Zeenat blames Zara and Kabir for ruining Ruksar’s life. Kabir tells her that she cannot blame them as they still don’t know what has happened, Ruksar only called and told him that she will soon be put to death.

He says we have to go to Dubai and find out what has happened, Shahbaz agrees and says we should go to Hamdan’s family and find out, they should know something.

Kabir, zara, Shahbaz, Ayesha and Zeenat go to Hamdan’s house, Hamdan’s mother is shattered and refuses to to talk to Ayesha. Kabir reads the letter and finds out Hamdaan is dead, he was killed. Hamdan’s father says Ruksar has killed our only son, Hamdan’s mother curses Zeenat that her sister has murdered her son. Zeenat begs that her sister cannot do anything like that.Kabir says may be Ruksar is being trapped, Hamdan’s father says that the police investigation clearly points out that Ruksar has killed Hamdaan, she will be punished with death penalty in next three days. Kabir says he will go to Dubai and find out the truth.

Next Day, Shahabaz is trying to save Ruksar using his sources in Dubai when Hamdaan’s father comes with poilce and asks to arrest Shahbaz, Zeenat and Kabir for planning and plotting to kill his son. They all get arrested, kabir tells zara to find a lawyer to bail them out, she assures to do her best and handle situation.

Shahbaz, Zeenat and Kabir are put in jail and request to cop to let them call their lawyer, but they are helpless, Hamdan’s father comes and does video call of Ruksar who is in jail too and requests kabir to save her, he assures to help her, Zeenat also talks to Ruksar, Hamdaan tells kabir he will never get out of jail in time to save Ruksar, Kabir tells him that you have no clue what y wife Zara can do.

Zara finds out from lawyer that the cops cannot jail Kabir unless official FIR is registered, Zara rushes to the police station along with Reema.

Inspector tells Hamdaan father that i have not written FIR, if zara gets a lawyer, i will have to set him free, Hamdan;s father tells the cop to make sure Kabir does not get out of jail and he will pay him double the price, he does not want kabir to help the murdered of his son ie. Ruksar. Zara is rushing to the police station.


Zara tells the cop that he cannot jail Kabir and his family with a false FIR, she challenges to release Kabir and family in next two hours.


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