Ishq Subhan Allah 19 December 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Zee TV Ishq Subhan Allah 19th December 2018 Written Episode

Today’s (19.12.2018) Ishq Subhan Allah episode starts with Alina takes the winter clothes and blankets for Zara. Zara refuses to take them as it would it does not belong to Kabir but his father. Alina tells Zara to stop the mdness. Zara says i don’t have anything more than this madness, nothing will happen, Alina drops the clothes and leaves.

Zara’s father calls her and says i am coming to take you, its too cold, you don’t have winter wear, Zara lies to him that she has the winter clothes. He father says OK.

Kabir gets upset that Zara refused to take winter clothes and tells his mother that Zara is so much stubborn to use the clothes. She is ready to die but is stuck to her stubbornness.

Zara shivers in the cold and get worried, what if she dies and cannot make Kabir realize her mistakes. Kabir tells his mum that he has an idea and she has to do as he says, Alisha agrees. He takes his clothes from the cupboard. Kabir’s mum comes to meet Zara with a bad, zara lets her in, its very cold, Alisha says Kabir is my son, i will give my life for him, she says but what he did to you in the mosque, i will punish him for it. She opens the bags and throws all of Kabir’s clothes on the floor, she puts them on fir, Zara asks her what is she doing. Zara tells her you are a good mum but not a good actor, i can see the tears in your eyes as you burn his clothes, i know Kabir has told you to do this. They both hug each other. She tells Alisha that i have a loving mother like you and a good husband like Kabir, this cold can’t do anything to me, i was upset with Kabir, but not anymore. Shahbaz is tensed about paying money to his debtor and wants Zakaat money.

Next morning, Kabir finds a jug of hot heat and recollects having tea with Zara in the past. He gets a call and rsshes to meet someone. Zara collects the ashes of Kabir’s clothes in a bottle, she gets a call and rushes out of home.

Poor people are shown struggling in the cold weather. Kabir reaches the place and see the situation. The people are happy to see Nayab Qazi and say that they had requested for blankets but they didn’t get help, Zara comes there too and tells Kabir that this is the best way to use the Zakaat money. Kabir tells the people that God has sent a good person for your help, he can burn his own clothes to help you all. Zara gets a call. She tells someone to call all the rich people to Sharia Board who Kabir had requested for donations. Zara tells Kabir that God has shown way to use Zakaat money in right way, you should appeal to rich people to give donations for this cause, he tells her to make arrangements for the clothes/blanktes while he will arrange for donation. 

At Sharia Borad, Kabir greets Qazi, he tells Kabir to keep home and office separate, he is happy with his idea to help people, Kabir tells him that you will get the praise, Qazi says what is the point of name and fame for charity work, Qazi recollects how Shhabaz has instigated Kabir against him.

Zara informs Shahbaz today, Kabir will make right use of Zakat money as he is meeting people for donation today, and this good work will be done by Sharia board and not any private company. I will support Kabir in this good work. At the meeting, Kabir addresses the donaters about donating money for a noble cause as they are privileges by God’s grace. He tells them a story about Zakaat. A rich guy at the meeting listens to his story carefully, he asks questions about the story, Shahbaz also hears Kabir telling the story at the meeting. After his story, he asks peole, if they will give Zakaat. They start writing cheques for donation. Kabir says one of them has gives blank chque, Kabir says we need atleat Rs. 10 crore for Zakaat, he has now Rs. 6 crros, the rich guy writes cheque for remaining amount, Shahbaz wonders who is this rich guy in Lucknow that i don’t know, Kabir thanks the guyy, he says you siad such a nice story, Zara comes and says that excuse me, but all of you should know what is this Zakaat money going to be used for, she says how people have dies in this cold weather and need clothes/food, she asks with your permission, can we use the money for this cause, Qazi tells to himself that kabir and zara may fight but they have same determination for the community. Zara tells Shahbaz, Kabir has finally fulfilled your dream to use Zakat money for betterment of the community.

PRECAP: Shahbaz invites the rich guy and his wife for dinner, Zara joins them to kep family’s image, She has food in separate plate, the guest lady asks her why is she having separate food, Zara tells Kabir to answer.

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