Ishq Subhan Allah 20 December 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Zee TV Ishq Subhan Allah 20th December 2018 Written Episode, Ishq Subhan Allah Written Update

Today’s (20.12.2018) Ishq Subhan Allah episode starts with sif meets Shahbaz after the meeting and tells him Mamu, Shabaz is surprised, he tells him i am you sister Tabbasum’s son. He tells him i had been living in US after graduating as MBA from Aligrah university. Zara says she, too is from the same university. Asif says he is happy to meet Shabaz and Zara today because of Sharia Board neeting.

Shahbaz tells Ayesha about Asif and says he wants to invite his sister and Asif for diner, his wife says not to call for dinner as Zara will not have dinner with the family and it will be awkard especially in front of Tabbassum. Shabaz tells him, Zara will have to come and i will tell you how, he asks Ayesha to call Asif and his mum for dinner.

Zara wonders why is Shahbaz so much interested in Sharia Board these days, why was Kabir upset with her when he has forced her to beg. Ayesha comes and invites Zara for the dinner, Zara realizes that Shahbaz is using Kabir against Zara and wants to have business deal with Asif now. Ayesha tells her we will send you good clothes and jewellery for dinner today, zara refuses to take, Aisha says you had told that you will not let our family image get ruined and come for the dinner, you havr to think about it now, Zara is in a fix.

Kabir makes arrangements for food and clothes for poor people not only for city but entire state. Zeenat tells Aisha that is such irony that once Tanssum and her son were not allowe din the house and now they are invited for dinner.

Kabir tells Shahbaz that i have done the Zakaat work in a day’s time, Shahbaz is not much happy but tells kabir that he has done good job, he hopes Asif understands his business project and is ready to invest. Tabassum comes home, she taunts Shahbaz that they were never called for Kabir’s wedding. She asks for Zara and says she has heard a lot about their bahu, Aisha says, Zara is stuck somewhere and will come soon. Zara makes arrangements for decent clothes but gets worried what if anyone finds out about it, her family name will be ruined, Tabassum again asks for zara, zara comes home, all are surprised. She greets everyone. Zeenat says, zara had to leave her challenge and pride, Tabu says this dress is just like the one i had, Asif’s father says one person can have the same type of suit, Tabu claims to have made it in US, she asks zara where did she buy from as she wants to who stole her design. Zeenat says may be your dress got stolen, tabu says i had sent the dress in charity in form of Zakaat to a poor girl. Shahbaz handles the situation and says what are you stuck with the dress. Kabir jokes and says lets call the police and complain about dress being stolen. Aisf tells mom i will buy you new dress, Tabu says you should be blessed Asif, you are self made man, you took responsibility when one one in the family supported us, (she taunts Shahbaz, Ais’s father praises his son and says i am known as Ais’s son and i am proud of it. Zara tells kabir, i also want you to be successful so much that you father is known by your name. Asif interrupts and tells Zara and Kabir that you guys cannot chit chat like that, Zara says we were praising about you that how you are a self made man and how you are a role model for the family, Shahbaz says this is Zara’s plan to instigate Kabir to realize his mistake, Zara says you are example for entire community. Tabassum is happy to hear good words about her son. Aisha says my son is also a Nayab Qazi, he is also known in community and is a youth icon, Shahbaz says lets not argue, we should be ahppy that in this family we have two proud sons.

Everyone is at the dinner table, Asif asks Zara why is she not eating, Zara says i will not eat this food, Aisha is worried, Tabu asks zara why won’t she eat, Zara tells Kabir to tell the reason why. Kabir is silent, Zara says i will tell, she gets up from the table, Zara looks forward to some drama, Zara gets another dish full of puri and kheer, Tabu asks both bahus have divided the kitchen, Zara says i eat less salt food, that why, Tabu asks why is your plate also different, zara tanuts kabir, should i say, she says we don’t want to mix my and Kabir’s plate, thats why, Asif says i also like less salt food, he has Zara’s food and praise her food. Zeenat asks about her food, Aisf says i like simple food, that why i like Zara’s food more, he tells Kabir to eat too, kabir says no, Asif insists to eat his wife’s food, Shahbaz says i have eaten Zara’s cooked food, its simple and tasty. He tells Kabir to taste the food. Asif serves food to Kabir. Zara is happy. Zara wonders why is Shahbaz so much into making Aisf happy.

PRECAP: Zara confronts Shahbaz that she knows that he is using Kabir to use Sharia Board money for his own intentions, She challenges him that she will free her husband from evil, Shahbaz also challenges her and says i will not let Kabir set freee, lets see who will win, a wife or a father.

Ishq Subhan Allah Spoilers: Kabir and Asif get into argument

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