Ishq Subhan Allah 23 June 2018 written update, written episode

Ishq Subhan Allah 23rd June 2018 Written Episode, Ishq Subhan Allah Written Update, Ishq Subhanallah Eid Special episode

Today’s (23.06.2018) Ishq Subhan Allah episode starts with Kabir’ mom tells him that she will not celebrate Eid without Zara, you have to get her home at any cost.

Kabir’s father comes and tell his mom that he has to talk to him, Kabir’s mum tells her husband that at least today Zara and her family have to be here with us on Eid. Kabir’s father says what is the need to call Kabir’s father. She says i don’t know, if Zara is not here then i will also not celebrate Eid.

Zara’s mum asks her if she does not want to go for Eid at her in laws place, she says i will not go unless Kabir comes to get me. Door bells rings, Zara opens the door, Kabir is in front of her, but her eyes are closed as chilli powder goes into her eyes. She says who is dis, kabir goes close to her to blow some air in her eyes, she touches him and is shocked to see Kabir. Kabir’s mum asks her why is she crying she says chilli went in my eyes.

Kabir’s mum tells Zara to come home and celebrate Eid together, Zara says someone does not want me to come, that why i will not come. She says i want wholeheartedly that you should come home, please don’t say NO. Zara waits for Kabir to tell her to come along. Kabir tells Qazi sahab, you have to come, no matter anyone comes or not. Qazi sahab says only elders give invitation to elders, Shahbaz has not come here, it means he does not want me to come.Kabir mum says, Shahbaz was busy, but i am inviting you his behalf. Kabir’s mum once again requests Zara and her family to come for Eid.

Kabir’s mum leaves.

Later, Kabir’s um is waiting for Zara to come for last Iftaar, Kabir says why are you waiting, his mum says i am sure, she will come, Kabair bets that Zara will not come. Zara comes home and greets everyone. Kabir’s mum is very happy to see Zara. Zara greets Shabaz, he tells her to join them for Iftaar. Zara sits next to Kabir. Kabir’s mum tells Kabir that you have lost the bet and now you have to do what is tell you, he agrees, Kabir’s mum tells him to open Roza for each other. Kabir disagrees, Kabir’s mum says you are a Maulvi, you have to keep your words, Kabir offers dates to Zara with some tashan. Zara too offers Kabir dates to open his Roza. He too has it with some tashan.

Next day. Kabir’s mum takes out jewellery for Zara and Zeenat for Eid, they are happy, Zara gets expensive jwellery, Zeenat gets jealous and tanuts that on my first EID i was given very inexpensive one. Kabir’s mum says its important to see the heart of the person who gives gift, your time, style and design was different. Zara offers to give Zeenat her jwellery, Zeenat says i don’t want charity, Kabir’s mum says i have never differentiated between you, she gives her jwellery too. Zeenat says thanks and leaves, kabir’s mum tells zara sorry on behalf of Zeenat. Zara thanks her mother in law. 

Zara’s mum in law tells her to please sort out differences between her and Kabir as it is their first Eid, Zara says i know how to cool down Kabir’s anger. Kabir’s mum says Kabir is lucky to have you as wife, zara says i am lucky to have you as my MIL. 

Everyone looks at the moon and wish each other Chand Mubarak. Zeenat’s kids pushes Zara, she trips, Kabir holds her in his arm, Nilofer taunts Miraj that his heart is burning while people are in love. Kabir says i have some work, i will leave, Zara goes to him, to please leave all complaints and to wish her once with love. Ruksar comes and says chand mubarak Zara, Zeenat is happy to see her sister. Zara and Kabir are shocked to see Ruksaar, she says i have not runaway from my in laws, my husband is out of town, that’s why i am here. 

Kabir’s father says lets go inside and celebrate Eid.

Piya Albela actors Pooja and Naren come and perform dance on a wallah re wallah.. aadab arz hai song. 

Ruksar is going somewhere, Zara follows her. Meanwhile, Kabir meets Miraj, he says i have to talk to you about something, Miraj ass him what you want to say so late in the night. 

Ruksar thanks Nilofer that you did the thing that i could not do in so many days, you have brought so many differences between Kabir and zara, Nilofer says that why i have taken 50 lacs from you, Nilofer says you wait and see what what i will do, she says now we have to take final step.

Zara is wondering whom did she see (it was Ruksar). Kabir tells Miraj i need Rs. 1 crore.  Mirak asks if you are giving Zara such big Eidi. He asks real reason, kabir says i can’t say. Nilofer tells Ruksar that Kabir and Zara will separate soon, Ruksar asks what will you do. 

Kabir asks Miraj if he can help me, Miraj says the amount is so big, but i need reason, Kabir says i can’t say the reason. Kabir leaves, Mirak wonders why Kabir needs so much money, he says if i found out then i can use it against zara and Kabir, and i will come closer to Zara and Kabir. 

Kabir is going to the mosque, Zara says i will not give you the topi until you don’t tell me eid Mubarak, he is still upset while she hugs him and pacifies him, he says you keep the topi, i will buy a new one outside mosque. he leaves.

zara’s mum calls her and wishes her. She says we are missing you but i am happy you are in your in laws, zara asks her mum to come soon. Her mum asks if all is fine between her and Kabir, Zata lies that Eid has brought them more closer. Zara is sad.

Kabir wishes her sister Alina and Zeenat’s kid. They asks for Eidi. Zara comes and Alina says you are looking very beautiful, she says its your first Eid, we will make it very special one for you. Some women come and shout of loud, Zara komm ki beti hai. They praise her for her fight for the equal rights of women to pray in mosque. A lady says your fight has reached across the other countries, Zara is introduced to a reporter from abroad who also praises her struggle. Another woman gives Zara gifts in form of a trophy for her fight, Zara is overwhelmed, Kabir is upset. Nilofer says zar you have become more famous than Kabir. a photographer tells Kabir to go aside, he has to click a solo pic of zara, Kabir taunts zara ya why not Zara is so famous, she has become Komm ki idol, now she should make her own book for the community for her rules, a reporter taunts Kabir how are living with old principles, Zara says why are you insulting my husband, reporter asks Kabir why can’t he support Zara, kabir says i won’. his father tells him to calm down, zara tells reporter how dare they can talk like this and insult her husband. The woman asks Zara that she should come and join them for namaz, Kabir’s mum says yes you should go, Zara says its Eid today, i think we should offer prayer at home, Kabir’s mum says you started this fight, you should join them, Zara agrees as so many women are supporting her, Ruksar says Zara should not have insulted Kabir in front of everyone, she says what does she want to prove by doing all of this. 

Ruksar says Nilofer you are great, you used zara’s principles against her. Nilofer says there is more.

Zara gives sweets to Kabir, he take sand keeps aside. 

Ruksars’ husband Hamdaan comes, Ruksar is shocked, he says Zara called him early, Zara says its you first Eid after marriage, Hamdaan should be with you. 

Zara is trying to talk to Kabir and tells him to stop his anger, his mum pases by she pretends that he has been wishing her so many times, Kabir says your drama is done now, i will leave, Zara is tears. Ruksar and Zeenat taunt her that a woman who troubles her husband will always be in tears, Zara threatens to call police, Zeenat says Zara can do anything these days. 

zara says i have to make peace with kabir at any cost or Ruksar will do some evil again.

zara’s father is thinking if he should make Kabir Qazi now, his wife says you don’t hurry and take decision only when you are confident that Kabir is 100% ready.

Someone is troubling kabir for money, Kabir shouts over hone, i will give money back.

Zara serves lunch to kabir, he is upset she says not to take out anger on food, kabir’s father gives Eidi to Zara and blesses her. He gives Eidi to Ruksar too. 

Miraj praises Zara’s biryani. Kabir is not happy with his praise. 

In the evening, Zara is dressed beautifully and makes an entry, kabir is looking at her as she walks past him while he is greeting guests. Ruksar sees them together and is unhappy. Miraj once again greets Zara, Kabir does not like it. 

Zeenat’s kid says, Eidi has come from your house. Nilofer tells zara some guests are calling her. 

Jeet Gayi Toh Piya More actors Yesh Rughani and Shoaib Ibrahim perfom on the song khuda jane ke main fida hoon. 

Kabir asks someone if all arrangements are done and tells the guy to come from back door, zara asks him what is the matter, he says nothing.

A Mauli tells Kuraj abouy the money given to Zara on their marriage. he is shocked,

kabir is following Zara and they act like strangers, he introduces him as Kabir, she says who kabir, he says the guy who wants to fulfil all your dreams and make you happy, he says please forgive me, she says i like to hear your name not sorry, he says what happened, lets forget, he says we should celebrate Eid with happiness, he wishes her Eid with love, she too wishes him. She asks her who called him, he says leave that, no its only between us, no third person, he tells her that today i have 3 surpirses for you, she is happy, he says i have also a surprise for you, he asks her what, she says to wait.

Kabir’s family, ruksar, zeenat, alina, his father and mother dance of gallan goodiyaan song.

zara’s parents come home and they are happy to see her happy with kabir. 

Kabir announces that as per Islam, it not right to dance, but Islam also says that one should fulfill wife’s wishes. He tells his love for her in front of everyone.

Zeenat opens gifts from zara’s house and they show cheap clothes and over ripe fruits. Shahbaz gets angry. Zeenat adds fuel to the issue. Kabir’s mum tells him to calm down. 

Zara’s mum looks for water, but all the servers ignore them, zara’s parents are tensed. Miraj adds something in Kabir’s drink, Nilofer sees it. She goes to stop waiter from giving drink to kabir. zeenat takes the drink but her son takes it from her and drops it. Nilofer warns Miraj that you can do anything to Zara but don’t do anything to kabir as i have taken money to keep him safe.

Kabir’s family again perform together on sajda song. 

Kabir meets a man secretly who gives him money, Kabir hides it, zara sees him and asks him is all ok. She asks for key to cupboard, he makes an excuse and diverts her from taking keys. They have a cute moment together, zara says i can do anything for you, he says then be prepared to do something when i give you second surprise.

Kabir’s mum call Zara to meet some guests, he says you will get your surprise at 9 pm on the terrace.

Zara goes to her room again and sees a dress with sorry note on it and says this might be his second surprise, she looks for keys to cupboard for accessories on the gifted dress. She is about to open money bag and gets a call from Kabir, he calls her.  She leaves the cupboard unlocked and leaves the room.

Zara’s father is unhappy with his insult and says i cannot stay here for another  moment, his wife says this is our daughter’s in laws place, we can’t leave.

Zara comes to the terrace. Kabir has arranged  date for Zara, Zara is happy with decoration. Miraj sees them together and is upset. He throws a stone at the almp to disturb zara and kabir’s sweet moments together, they think it is some kid, they hug each other. Miraj calls zara and says you are looking so beautiful, i knew you will look beautiful in this dress, she warns the unknown guy (Miraj) to come in front of her. He tells her that this dress is gifted by me, the one you are wearing, Zara burns Dupatta and says Zara only belongs to Kabir.

Board members asks Shabaz when will your son become Qazi now, it high time now, Sahbaz taunts if a person can not give Eid gifts how will he give his qazi seat to anyone, Zara’s parents hear this.

Zara sees a video that Aman is watching where Kabir is thanking Miraj for money and tells him that he will have to keep something as guarantee. Zara takes the video on her phone. She gets tensed.

Nolfer talks to Zeenat to make Zara hear that Zara’s parents have not been offered water since they have come as Shahbaz didn’t like their gifts. Zara talks to them. She says i am unable to believe that you have been treated like this, he says i wanted to make Kabir the next Qazi, but i am very disappointed now. Nilofer sends Kabir to zara’s room.

Zara tells her father that kabir is not ready and has much maturity to be a Qazi of city, kabir gets angry on small issues, she says it’s a big decision, she says i think kabir cannot take this responsibility so soon.  kabir overhears this. She says i am sad that abir’s father didn’t treat you well. Zara’s parents leave, kabir is upset.

Nilofer is happy and tells Ruksar that things will go wrong between kabir and zara now.

Kabir is looking for the money bg, zara shows him the bag, he says what are you doing with the bag. She asks why do you need so much money. She asks if this is the surprise. He asks when your parents were putting false blame on my parents, why didn’t you say anything, he says you have proved that you are not the daughter of this house, she says we will resolve that issue later, tell me why you took so much money.

Zara says you have compromised with your conscience. She says to please let go of the money, i know what you have paid the price for this money, she shows him the video. It is revealed that Kabir has kept himself as mortgage for money, Kabir says you don’t know the whole truth Zara asks what is the entire truth. She takes the quran and sweras him to tells the truth. She asks him to promise that he has not made a bet with your conscience (Zameer).


Kabir give divorce to Zara by telling her three times Talaq talaq talaaq and gives her the money that her father gave at time of marriage. zara is shocked and everyone too. 


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