Ishq Subhan Allah 26 April 2018 Written Update, Written Episode

Zee TV serial Ishq Subhan Allah 26th April 2018 Written Episode, Ishq Subhanallah Written Update

Today’s (26.04.2018) Ishq Subhan Allah episode starts with Kabir’s father tells cops that someone has made a fake profile of Zara, cops says we will investigate.

Zara is praying to god to help her, Kabir is brought to the place, she feels Kabir’s presence, she shouts for Kabir, she releases himself from the goons and looks for zara’s voce, he can hear her, the goons drag him with them, he shuts them behind a door, while Zara is being stopped by Siraj’s women.

Zara yells at kabir that this is all because of you, you left my hand, she is mad at him, he says stop, i have come now.
Siraj enters the room. He orders his men to take kabir to another room, Kabir holds zara’s hands and is not ready to leave, The goons try to separate them.

Siraj tells kabir s you are the guy who has made zara’s life hell,s Kabir asks what do you want from me, Siraj says what do you think, you will ruin Zara’s life and i will stay quiet. Kabir says say what are you saying. He says i want you to say only three words. Siraj says talaq, talaq, talaq.
Kabir is shocked.

Kabir holds Siraj’s collar, Siraj says i had though i will spare you after you divorce Zara, but now i will amke you see our marriage. He says todays’ destiny will make decision for all three of us, he sings chaudvai ka chand song for Zara.
Zara is dragged to another oom while Kabir too, Kabir tells her i will not let anything happen to you.
Kabir’s father is upset with the cop that Zara was missing first and now kabir, another cop says we have found witness who has seen Kabir Kidnapped.

The cop informs that the ip address of fake profile is found in same hotel where Kabir and zara were staying, this was planned kidnapping. Some one has full watch on Zabeer.

Siraj tells kabir to say talaq three times without any fuss, i am happy today, i will get married, so i don’t want to kill anybody. kabir says she is my wife, i have married her, give warning to someone else, Siraj laughs at Kabir for calling Zara his wife, he says you have not even spent one night with you wife. Kabir is shocked that he knows about distance between zara and Kabir, Siraj asks zara is he not right, zara hints kabir this is nor true as he is shocked, Siraj asks Kabir to answer him, Zara says i have not told him nothing, Kabir yells at zara, zara is shocked.
he says leave, me, goons let him go, he goes to zara and says i had not thought that you will fall down so low, he is abgry at her, he says i am ready to divorce her. Zara os shocked, he says i have a condition, i wnat to talk to this woman alone for one last time, Siraj says, i am ok, you have ten minutes.

Cops asks the driver about zara’s kidnapping and beat him up to give lead. zar tells Kabir i din’t tell Siraj anything,

Kabir says i thought you were upset with me for my different perspective, bu now i know you hate him, you can’t stand me, that why you have chosen him over me, she says someone has made a fake profile of mine, Kabir says how will he know our bedroom secrets, Siraj is listening to their conversation over web cam, zara asks will you give me divorce, he says i will pray for you.
The driver tells cops that a woman had given me bribe to give information about Kabir and zara, kabir’s father asks if you know about that woman, the driver says the woman had no issues with Kabir but Zara, Kabir’s father doubts Ruksar.

He calls Zeenat and asks where is Ruksar, Zeenat says she hs gone to Delhi. He says give me her number, Zeenat says Ruksar has come back, he asks Ruksar where were you last 3 days, she says my sis told you nah i was in Delhi. Kabir’s father ownder who is suplrit then.

Kabir says i have decided to zara. zara says even if he gives me talaq, you can still not marry me, Siraj asks why, Zara talks about Iddat (three months time after divorce), mauli says this is right since they have spent time together, Iddat clause should be met. Siraj says i will wait but talaq should happen today.

Kabir grabs a gun and says i will kill zara, she has betrayed me, she will not be yours siraj, if she is not mine, he whispers in zara’s ears that this is drama, but another goon comes from behind and points a gun at Kabir, Siraj holds kabir at a gunpoint. he says it is not you cup of tea to play with guns, he orders his men to beat Kabir so much until he gives divorce to Zara, Zara cries for kabir to let him go. Zara says they will kill you, give me talaq, she cries for him. She runs towards Kabir and hugs him. Siraj pulls her back. Kabir tells him to leave her, he says i will not give her talaq, Siraj says now it’s too late, either you die or give talaq, siraj says i am ready to marry a widow. Zara says give talaq to me kabir, please. 

A gun shot is heard, zara shouts Kabir. 

Episode ends. 


Zara asks Kabir, he could have killed you, why you didn’t give me talaq, why. Zara is dressed in a night gown, Kabir romances with her. 

Ishq Subhan Allah Spoilers: Kabir to trick Siraj and save Zara

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