Ishq Subhan Allah 28 December 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Zee TV Ishq Subhan Allah 28th December 2018 Written Episode

Today’s (28.12.2018) Ishq Subhan Allah episode starts with Kabir tells Ruksar that you are my wife, so you should listen to me and not go, Ruksar ays no, i will go with zara, kabir gets upset and says go wherever you want to go, Zara tells Ruksar to go. Zara says i am doing this, so that kabir breaks his promise of not seeing her face by end of tonight.

Aisha recollects Zara’s words on the terrace, zara comes to her, she knows Aisha wants her to swear on Quran, but today i will not get emotional, Aisha shows her the Quran and says you mother got it from meccah and she was hopeful that your and Kabir’s relation will grow stronger, but what you are doing bu using Rusar, it is wrong, today she is kiddish, but if she gets well, you have told her that she is his wife, what will you do when she gets fine, you both may fight today, you will make up to, you have made Ruksar realize that she is his wife, what if she comes between the two of you and asks for her rights, Zara says i want to save Kabir’s life, she keeps hands on Quran and says i want my Kabir back, if Ruksar come in way, i can accept, but i want Kabir to be responsible, i don’t want him to think as per his father, he should at least be earning enough to contribute for Zakaat on my behalf. Aisha is speechless.

Zara tells Ruksar to sleep, she insists that he cannot sleep until Kabir tells her a story. Kabir calls Zara, he gets upset with her for calling him and tells him to fulfill his responsibility to make Ruksar eat food and tells her story, even it means he has to come to out house. He says i am waiting for you on one side, it is your responsibility and other you so called opportunistic wife, what will you do now Kabir. kabir says Ruksar, why did you have to go to outhouse, he then says i have only pt myself in trouble by promising to take care of Zara. Zeenat is upset that Zara took Ruksar to outhouse, Kabir tells Zeenat to get Ruksar back home at any cost, Zeenat says she will only come when you call her. Zara calls him again, he gets furious, Rukssar says it is me on call, she tells him to come there soon, Ruksar says if you don’t come, i will sit out in cold, Kabir is helpless. Ruksar tells Zara that today i will listen to my wedding (Nikaah) story from Kabir. Zara remembers Aisha’s warning.

Zara steps out, Kabir enters the outhouse by covering his face so Zara cannot see him, he locks the door, zara is out in cold, he unlocks the door again, but Zara is unaware, Ruksar tells Kabir to tells her a story, he says her to open and get zara inside, he tells Rukssar not to say this to zara, Zara overhears this and knows Kabir is angry but thinks of her, she enter the house and sees Kabir has puta parda to avoid zara seeing him, she says Kabir you will not understand my motive now, but eventually.

Shahbaz thinks that once Asif invests in my business, my problems will be solved, he gets a call from Asif who informs him that he will be out of town for some days, Shahbaz is tensed about arranging money and defeating Zara. he asks Aisha where is Kabir and finds out he is in outhouse to meet Ruksar, he recollects Zara’s challenge and says Zara does not know i can make Ruksar do things which she cannot think of doing.

Ruksar asks Kabir all husband lives with their wives, so why you don’t live with both of us, he says it to late, you should sleep, Zara overhears and gets tensed. Kabir touches the floor and sees it is very cold, he tells Ruksar to tell Zara to sleep on the bed, Ruksar tells him to say on his own. Zara says what will happen i might die, at least then you will see my face.

Water pipes breaks in outhouse, Kabir goes to stop water, he is about to turn, Zara don’t turn else your promise will break. She helps him stop the water without him seeing her. They both are wet, he says no. He drains water that is all over, she make shot tea for him and offers him, she says then i will also not drink and throw it in this drained water. He says its last namaaz time, i should leave, before leaving he asks her that you had give a challenge today and you had the chance to win, why didn’t you let me see you, she says my aim is not to win but make you win. She says i got some time to spend with you, you got wet, but you took care of me, i am proud to have you as a husband and i will make you win for sure.

PRECAP: Ishq Subhan Alla 31 January 2018 Episode

Kabir gets unconscious at Sharia Board office, Zara gets a call from a man who informs her about Kabir.

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