Ishq Subhan Allah Spoilers: Big twists with Alina’s birthday party and more

Zee TV serial Ishq Subhan Allah upcoming twists, Ishq Subhan Allah spoilers

Fans of Zee TV’s popular show Ishq Subhan Allah (Creative Eye Limited) have witnessed some high voltage drama with Zara (Eisha Singh) being kidnapped on her honeymoon by Sira, an obsessive lover.

Now, in the coming episodes, viewers Kabir would see that Kabir (Adnan Khan) will save Zara and this incident will bring the newly wed couple closer. Viewers will get to see romantic moments between #Zabeer.

Wondering, what will happen next?

Kabir and Zara would return back home from their honeymoon and there would more interesting drama in store for the viewers ahead. Kabir would change himself for Zara while understanding her perspective.

Further, Alina’s birthday will arrive and Zara will throw a surprise birthday party for her. Kabir who eats his food in his room as per Muslim rituals but at the party he will sit together with other family members and have the food.

Zara will be surprised seeing this change in Kabir. 

Also, viewers will get to see interesting twist as Kabir becoming deputy Qazi. It is known that Zara’s father is the Qazi of the city and Kabir’s father has always wanted his son Kabir to be the next Qazi if the city.

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