Ishq Subhan Allah spoilers: child labour drama, Kabir Zara in danger

Ishq Subhan Allah upcoming twists – Rizwan tries to kill Zara

The makers of Zee TV’s popular serial Ishq Subhan Allah have planned a Maha Episode of the show with big twists and high voltage drama in store for the viewers.

As per the new promo, Rizwan tries to kill Zara by setting up fire in a place as he wants to separate Kabir (Adnan Khan) and Zara (Eisha Singh). He plans to put the blame on Kabir’s father Shahbaz. It would so happen that Kabir and Zara come together to work for a good cause. They visit a factory together and get to see victims of child labour. Kabir tries to stop the child labour and talks to the owner that the kids are innocent. He should be helping in shaping their future instead of exploiting their childhood. The man does not agree. Both Kabir and Zara warn the owner to stop right away else face the consequences.

Later, Kabir and Zara dream about being together and miss each other a lot. Further, Zara falls in trouble as Rizwan traps her in a fire mishap. Zara shouts out for help. She is stuck in a room that has caught fire. Kabir reaches there and tries hard to save her. She tells Kabir that he cannot save her this time and she wants to spend her last moments with him. She wants to see him while she breathes her last. Kabir tries to break the heavy glass door but fails. Zara runs around to get saved from the fiery fire. She sheds tears in fear as she feels her death is close. Kabir tries to get some help for her. He tells her that he will try to save her till his last breath.

Kabir and Zara share a moment of love and express that they love each other a lot. He tells her that he will die with her, if he can’t live with her. As per latest reports, Kabir will be saving Zara.

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