Ishq Subhan Allah Spoilers: Kabir and Asif get into argument

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In the last episode of Ishq Subhan Allah, viewers have seen a new entry of a rich business guy Asif who makes a big donation to Sharia Board for helping poor people in form of Zakaat.

Shahbaz decides to call Asif home over dinner in order to have good relations with Asif which will be good for his business. Now, in the coming episodes of Ishq Subhan Allah, we will see that Asif meets Kabir and family.

Asif and Kabir have a clash as Asif doesn’t believe much in his religion, but in humanity. He wants to serve the humanity first. Kabir and Asif have a difference of opinion and get into an agrument.

Kabir misunderstands Asif’s words and gets upset with him. Asif didn’t tell anything against their religion and tries justo tifies himself. Kabir gets Zara and clarifies that its just Zara’s decision to humiliate them by her strange decisions. Zara becomes a reason for the argument again. Zara supports Asif who is doing humanity work along with being a successful businessman. Kabir gets much upset with Zara.

Will Asif’s entry help Zara to make Kabir realize his responsibilities? We will have to wait and watch!

Keep reading this space for latest gossips and future story of Ishq Subhan Allah.

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