Ishq Subhan Allah update: Cooking competition drama, Kabir upset with Zara

Ishq Subhan Allah upcoming story: – Kabir and Zara new clash ahead

Here’s what will happen in the coming episodes of Ishq Subhan Allah on Zee TV. It would be seen that Kabir (Adnan Khan) gets upset with on Zara (Eisha Singh) as she enrolls his name in the cooking competition.

Kabir asks Zara how could she take the decision on his behalf. She tells him that she would have agreed to him if she was his wife, but now she is his friend. He tells her that as his wife always against him and now even as as a friend she is trying to dominate him with her thinking. He tells her that she should have taken his permission before taking the decision to enroll him for the cooking competition. He does not agree to participate and tears the papers.

Kabir tells Zara that if he cooks well but that does not mean that he can become a chef. He tells her to respect his self-will. Zara tries to change his perception and tells him that he should pursue the career in which he is interested. Kabir tells her that he has to do work for the society and wants to pay off her father’s loan. Zara tells him to follow his heart. Kabir differs and says that it is not always good to follow heart all the time. He says that one has to work and live according to the rules set by the society. Kabir fails to understand Zara perception who wants him to be happy. He sets boundaries for their and tells Zara not cross them next time.

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