Ishq Subhan Allah Update: Kabir and Zara drink spiked tea and more drama

Ishq Subhan Allah latest news and upcoming twists

The makers of Zee TV’s popular serial Ishq Subhan Allah will have to gear up for high voltage drama during the upcoming one hour special Maha Episode. Rizwan will try to kill Zara and put the blame on Shahbaz. Kabir (Adnan Khan) tries hard to save and it will be interesting to see is Kabir will save his lay love.

Well, the drama will build up before the Maha Episode as Kabir and Zara (Eisha Singh) will come in way of Riwan who will be running child labor and other illegal practices. Kabir and Zara would want to stop this illegal practice and come in way of Rizwan and hence he decides to kill them.

In the upcoming episodes, we will see that Kabir and Zara will be seen romancing in the dream sequences as they miss each other, It is known that Kabir and Zara are living separately due to Kabir’s oath. Zara thinks about the problems in her life and wishes that Kabir was with her. She thinks that Kabir will never come back in her life now. However, Zara gets happy as fate is bringing her to Kabir again and again. Kabir and Zara drink the spiked tea and have light moments. Kabir takes her dupatta and wraps around to get saved from the rain. They jump into the muddy ground and enjoy the rains. Apparentlym Rizwan faints them down in an attempt to kill them. Will he be successful in his evil plans? We will have to wait and watch!

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