Ishq Subhan Allah Update: Kabir organizes a special surprise for Zara

Zee TV Ishq Subhan Allah latest news and upcoming twists

Fans of Zee TV serial Ishq Subhan Allah will have to gear up for some interesting twists and drama in the coming episodes!!

It is known that Kabir (Adnan Khan) and Zara (Eisha Singh) are once against against each other. Kabir doesn’t want Zara to go to Sharia Board while Zara wants justice for Kasaur.

Now, in the coming episodes, we will see that Kabir organizes a special surprise for Zara and hopes to fix all the problems between them. He tries to explain her girls are too sensitive for the outside world and hence they should be at home. He does not want to force his thinking on her but wants to protect her. He tells her to just think the strength and tolerance levels of both. Zara wnats to prove that both men and women are equals. She is in a dilemma and doesn’t know what to do. She does not want to back out from Kausar’s case. As per latest promos, Zara will decide to attend Sharia Board meeting however, her life would fall in danger.

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