Ishqbaaz 05 October 2017 Written Episode, Ishqbaz Written Update

Star Plus serial Ishqbaaz 05th October 2017 Written Update, Ishqbaz 05 October 2017 Written Episode

Today’s (05.10.2017) Ishqbaaz episode starts with Anika giving juice to Tanya, Tanya drinks. Tanya runs to the washroom, Anika stop s her. Omkara accuses Gauri of having an affair with Arjun. Some time back… Shivaay looks for Anika, Tanya questions him and warns him to stay away from Anika.

Electricity goes off, Shivaay gets worried about Anika. Shivaay goes to find Anika, Tanya follows him. Shivaay finds Anika, scared in a room, Shivaay goes to Anika, she asks Shivaay to recognize her and their relationship, she cries in Shivaay’s arms. Anika tells Shivaay that she is with him in this difficult situation. Tanya tries to hear their conversation and enters the room, Anika hides. Shivaay covers up in front of Tanya and takes her out. Anika decides to talk to Shivaay alone to know the problem and to get Tanya trapped.

Anika takes Khanna’s help and tells him that once she gives signal ‘Chandni’ he should leave the rope. Tanya comes, Khanna gets Shivaay’s call and leaves the rope before Tanya can be trapped. Anika makes the drama of scolding Khanna in front of Tanya. Anika tells Tanya that she will get something to drink for Tanya. Omkara thinks about Gauri and Arjun as he brings Gauri in the same hotel. Om questions Gauri about the Hotel, he says he wants to spend time alone with Gauri.

She gets little jittery. Anika adds Jamal Gota in one glass. Khanna says sorry to Anika and offers help. Anika says she will give the juice herself to Tanya. Omkara sees the register and asks for room number 409. Gauri gets excited about her love confession to Om, he thinks that he will break the relation today. Anika brings juice for Shivaay and Tanya. Tanya tries to refuse, Anika insists and hands her the glass. Sahil comes and takes the glass from Tanya to drink the juice, Anika stops him. Tanya gives the glass to Sahil, Anika makes up excuses and takes the glass. Shivaay offers his glass, Tanya takes both the glasses, Anika gets confused about which glass to give Tanya. Anika gives one glass to Tanya, Shivaay takes another glass, Anika snatches Shivaay’s glass and drinks. Tanya drinks the juice, Anika feels happy. Anika leaves with Sahil. Omkara imagines Gauri and Arjun in the room and gets disturbed. Omkara stops Gauri from showing her surprise, Omkara gifts a saree to Gauri and tells her to wear it and meet him on the terrace. Gauri gets uncomfortable but listens to Omkara. She feels happy about the gift. Anika stops Tanya from going to the bathroom, Tanya tries to run, Anika makes up a story, Shivaay gets suspicious. Anika talks nonsense, Tanya runs, Anika laughs. Anika takes Shivaay with him. Omkara gets furious thinking about Gauri and Arjun, Gauri comes wearing the saree and keeps her card in the flowers. Omkara sees Gauri, she comes to him smiling, the lights and water fountains start. Omkara starts dancing with Gauri on ‘Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali’. Gauri dances happily, Omkara gets furious and upset. Gauri comes to Omkara and tries to confess love, Omkara stops her and tells her to close her eyes. He touches Gauri seductively, Gauri gets restless, he goes close to Gauri and asks her how is she feeling or she had more fun with Arjun. Gauri gets shocked and confused. Omkara accuses Gauri of having an affair with Arjun, she starts crying. Gauri stops Omkara from leaving and says once again Omkara has accused her, she asks for a chance to explain. Omkara refuses to listen to Gauri. Omkara says she has hurt him deeply. Omkara says he was right and calls Gauri a fraud and characterless. Omkara tells Gauri to stop the drama of crying and that Gauri has broken the trust and heart of Oberoi family. Omkara tells Gauri to leave from his life and to live with Arjun. Omkara leaves, Gauri cries. Bhavya takes off her police cap, belt, badge, gun and stars with the heavy heart. Other police officers make fun of Bhavya, she tries to hit the constable, commissioner stops her and tells her to leave.

Ishqbaaz 06 october 2017 Precap:

Tej wonders why Shivaay has called them all together, Shivaay says he got a call about an incidence 25 years back, about the fire at Kalyani Mills. All get shocked.

Ishqbaaz upcoming twists – Omkara to rebuild his relation with Gauri

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