Ishqbaaz 09 May 2017 Written Episode Ishqbaz Written Update

Star Plus serial Ishqbaaz 09th May 2017 Written Update, Ishqbaaz 09.05.2017 Written Episode Update

Today’s Ishqbaaz 9 May 2017 written episode starts with Anika insisting Mahi to go with her, Mahi refuses and tells Anika that Pinky is not Shivaay’s mother. Anika gets shocked. Nayantara enters in the Press Conference and reveals that she is Anika’s mother. 

Nayantara also reveals that she is a Bar Dancer. Some time back…. Anika tells Mahi that he and Shivaay are twins and she has the DNA test result as the proof. Mahi asks Anika why is she here, Anika says she is here for Shivaay. Mahi gets annoyed. Mahi says though Shivaay and Mahi are of the same face, their destinies are far different. Mahi gets emotional thinking that his whole life is connected to Shivaay, however, Shivaay has no clue of it. 

Mahi says he has nothing to offer to Anika. Anika tells Mahi that he is Shivaay’s brother. Mahi says that he cannot do anything about he being Shivaay’s brother. Anika cries and tries to console Mahi. Anika shares her experience of being an orphan with Mahi. In the press conference, Shivaay gets annoyed with the reporter over questions on Anika. Shivaay snaps back at the reporter saying the reporter is intruding in his personal matter and that even if Anika is not from any affluent family, she is from decent and respectable family. 

Pinky smirks at Shivaay’s reply. Nayantara enters the Press Conference. Anika tells Mahi to go with her to Oberoi Mansion, Mahi refuses. Mahi tells Anika that the secret of Mahi and Shivaay being brothers must not come out. Anika says it is Mahi’s right to live in Oberoi Mansion with his family, Mahi refuses again. Mahi asks Anika to leave, Anika tells Mahi to think about Pinky. Anika says Pinky has full right to know about Mahi. Mahi says Pinky is not his mother, not even Shivaay’s. Anika gets utterly shocked. Nayantara says she has come to meet Shivaay Singh Oberoi, her son in law. Nayantara gets happy to see Shivaay. Nayantara says she is Anika’s mother. Shivaay gets shocked, Pinky smiles. Nayantara says she dances in Lovely Dance Bar. Shivaay gets utterly shocked. Nayantara makes a scene in the Press Conference by making her dance moves and calls herself an entertainer. Nayantara asks for Anika. Anika breaks down knowing that Pinky is not Mahi and Shivaay’s mother. Shivaay and Anika get worried about each other over each others’ mothers. Anika remembers Shivaay and Pinky’s affection towards each other. Anika gets confused on what to do, Anika decides to call Omkara. Omkara gets worried listening to Anika’s voice, Omkara insists on Picking up Anika. Reporters prob Shivaay on Nayantara, Shivaay tells Nayantara that he wants to talk to her and calls her inside, Pinky smirks.


Shivaay and Anika look emotionally at each other, Nayantara asks Anika about  Pinky’s room, Nayantara tells Anika that she is here to meet her daughter, and asks Anika who she is. Shivaay looks over with shock. 

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