Ishqbaaz 13 December 2018 Written Update Ishqbaz Written Episode

Star Plus Ishqbaaz 13th December 2018 Written Episode, Ishqbaz Written Update

Today’s (13.12.2018) Ishqbaaz episode starts with Shivaay gets a big shock when he finds the ambulance burning. He thinks if Anika has left him and cries for her.

Shivaay breaks down as life stops for him, thinking he has lost Anika forever. Shivaay then feels that she is alive, since his breath is still running. He wants to know where is his Anika. He gets ready to do anything, but find Anika. Priyanka and Aruna strive hard and revive Dadi. They look after heartbroken Dadi. Nani sheds tears along with Dadi. They both wish Shivaay and Anika to return home. Omkara asks them not to trouble Shivaay this way. He convinces them to have food. Dadi fears for Shivaay and Anika’s life. 

They stay hopeful that Shivaay will find Anika some how. Jai is sure that Shivaay won’t be able to get Anika back. He is happy to snatch the deal from Shivaay. He wants to get the deal some how. Jai wants to ruin the Oberois. Bhavya gets shot by the goon. Rudra gets scared for her life. She tells him that she is safe, since she is always taking precautions. She tells her plans to find Anika.

She doesn’t let her enemies to get alert. She pretends to be dead to trick the shooter. Jai is sure that Shivaay won’t be able to make it for the contract. He wants to make profits in his business. Priyanka gets upset with him that he doesn’t value relations and her family. She gets angry on his attitude. She asks him not to speak bitter things. Rudra and Bhavya try to find the man, who has withdrawn money from the bank. They don’t get enough clues. The man then helps them with a crucial information. Rudra and Bhavya learn that Rajiv is the main culprit behind Anika’s kidnapping.

Omkara tells Priyanka that they have to attend the big presentation to make their company survive. He gets stressed about the big deal. He shares his problems with Priyanka. Shivay meets some beggar and gets a clue about Anika. Shivaay asks him to just pray that he gets Anika back. Shivay collects details from him. Bhavya tracks Rajiv and sends the address to Shivaay. Shivaay connects to Omkara and instils confidence in him to give the presentation and make the company win the big deal. He asks Omkara to just go for it and make Oberois proud by having the deal for them. Shivaay and Rudra rush to save Anika.

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