Ishqbaaz 31 May 2017 Written Episode, Ishqbaz Written Update

Star Plus serial Ishqbaaz 31st May 2017 Written Update, Ishqbaz Written Update 31 May 2017

Today’s Ishqbaaz Dil Bole Oberoi Mahasangam 31 May 2017 episode start withShivaay screaming at Anika for trying to blame Pinky. Shivaay asks Anika to leave. Anika leaves crying, Shivaay throws Ranveer out. Some time back… Shivaay tells Mehendiwali to write his name on Anika’s palm.

Anika keeps an eye on Pinky. Anika tries to look for the person who was to meet Pinky, but since no one comes, she comes back in the house. Anika gets shocked to see Pinky in Oberoi Mansion. Pinky asks Anika to show her Mehendi and suddenly screams. Ranveer and Priyanka enter in the Oberoi Mansion as the married couple. Everyone gets shocked. Jhanvi falls unconscious. Priyanka informs everyone that she and Ranveer got married in the temple. Priyanka stops Shivaay and Omkara from beating Ranveer and says she married Ranveer with her own will.
Shivaay tries to kill Ranveer, Gauri and Anika stop Shivaay and Omkara. Priyanka sides and supports Ranveer. Pinky smiles. Anika tries to control Shivaay. Ranveer stops Shivaay from talking loudly with Priyanka. Shivaay tries to attack Ranveer, Priyanka pushes Shivaay, Shivaay and Omkara get shocked. Ranveer tells Shivaay that Ranveer came in the house, convinced Priyanka and got married to her in the temple. Pinky says how could Ranveer come in the house in so tight security. Ranveer says he came through back lawn door.

Pinky says that door is always locked, that means someone helped Ranveer to enter the Oberoi Mansion. Shivaay questions everyone about helping Ranveer. Shivaay asks Khanna for the back lawn door CCTV footage. Footage shows Anika at the door. Shivaay gets shocked, so does Anika. Anika looks at Pinky, Pinky smiles at Anika. The flashback shows Pinky telling on the phone that as Anika will leave the door open, tell Ranveer to come in and take Priyanka. Shivaay questions Anika. Anika remembers Pinky’s words. Ranveer traps Anika by saying Anika helped him by keeping the door open. Ranveer says thank you to Anika. Anika tries to defend herself, Shivaay asks Anika for the truth. Anika says she had gone to check on Pinky. Pinky starts making drama. Shivaay starts blaming Anika for helping Ranveer and for destroying Priyanka’s life and also Oberoi family’s reputation. Anika pleads Shivaay to believe him, Shivaay asks for proof. Shivaay screams at Anika for trying to blame Pinky. Shivaay tells Anika to leave. Anika leaves in tears. Anika comes to the room and cries bitterly. Shivaay has tears in his eyes. Pinky tries to make a drama of siding Anika. Pinky once again reminds Shivaay about Naam, Khoon and Khandaan. Shivaay refuses to believe in Priyanka and Ranveer’s wedding and throws Ranveer out of Oberoi Mansion. Priyanka cries and runs to her room.


Pinky warns Anika that how much ever Anika tries, things will happen the way Pinky wants. Pinky says she can go to any extent to break Shivaay and Anika’s relation. Anika accepts the challenge.

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