Ishqbaaz Dil Bole Oberoi 26 May 2017 Written Episode, Mahasangam Written Update

Star Plus serial Ishqbaaz Dil Bole Oberoi Mahasangam Written Update 26th May 2017, Ishqbaaz-DBO Written Update

Today’s Ishqbaaz Dil Bole Oberoi 26th May 2017 episode starts with Anika (Surbhi Chandna) tells Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) about Pinky being involved with Nayantara(Anjali Mukhi) and Shivaay refuses it point blank. As Anika tries to give him some proofs suddenly they hear Pinky scream out Shivaay’s name. Shivaay leaves a perplexed Anika and runs out as Pinky is seen rolling down the staircase and Sahil is seen crying and following her down. Shivaay runs to pick up his mother dearest as she screams the house down and Anika runs to her brother asking him about what happened. Sahil tells her Nayantara tried to kill him and when Pinky tried to save him she was pushed down. Nayantara stands atop the staircase in a grand way. Shivaay in his anger drags her down and asks Khanna to call the police. Anika is confused beyond words at the happening and dares to wonder out aloud that how could Nayantara do this as it was Pinky who brought her in the house. This makes Shivaay lose it and he shouts at Anika while Pinky throws a grand tantrum over how Anika blames her even after she saved her brother. Pinky asks Shivaay if he trusts her and he does not think twice before saying yes. Anika insists that she heard the conversation between Pinky and Nayantara but Shivaay will not hear a word of it. He asks the police to take Nayantara away. Nayantara though will not go without causing maximum damage, she blames Anika for trying to break Shivaay’s relationship with his mother and the family. She says she came to the house on her own and nobody brought her here. Shivaay maybe angry with his lady right now but he will not take a word against her too and he drives Nayantara out of the house. Here it is revealed that Pinky has given Nayantara a huge sum plus the assurance to get her out of the jail if she takes all the blame. Pinky is taken to her room as Anika arrives with a medicine for her. Shivaay walks out with the phone while Anika asks her mom-in-law if she hurt herself bad. Pinky stands up in all glory and laughs out aloud saying she never fells she just acted to fall. Then she tells Anika she hates her and she wants her out of Shivaay’s life and she will make Shivaay himself do that one day. Ranveer(Ayush Anand) calls Prinku on the landline as Prinku shouts at him and asks him to stay away or she would tell Shivaay about this but Ranveer is not taking it. Prinku finally dares Ranveer to come and talk to her when Shivaay is present, Ranveer promises to show her his courage very soon.

Anika reaches back to her room and finds a brooding SSO. She tries to talk but he warns her against it. he says he will not listen to anything against his mother. Anika tells him about the sticker but Shivaay refuses even that, he says Anika made a mistake and now she will not accept it due to her ego. He goes on to be the most SSO-like by saying the feeling of having a mother can be understood only by the ones who have one(ouch BAAGAD BILLU JI…you are gona be very sorry for saying this). He realizes he made a blunder when he sees his Anika’s eyes whelm with tears, but rather than holding her he prefers to walk away from the goof up he just made. There in Meerut Rudy (Leenesh Mattoo) drags the girl he just met to his friend Shaurya only to realize that he got the wrong girl, but instead of being sorry he gets really happy thinking the girl is actually single and his bro-code need not be broken. He refuses to leave her hand and the poor girl has tears whelming her eyes. Rudy asks her for her name, but the girl is saved in time from the Rudy charm by her best friend whose wedding it is, she comes and makes Rudy leave her friend and tells him that her name is Bhavya (Mansi Srivastava). Bhavya walks away with tears in her eyes as Rudy cannot help but feel bad. Gauri (Shrenu Parikh) is left thinking about her next step, she wonders if she should just leave home without telling anyone. She hates making things worse for Omkara (Kunal Jaisingh) everyday. As she is thinking she sees someone running away from her window and up the stairs, she feels she saw Buama (Sushmita Mukherjee) but then thinks maybe she made a mistake. Pinky and Prinku (Subha Rajput) are at a small market buying mehndi. Prinku asks her why they are getting it here, Pinky says she heard there is very good mehendi available here she just wanted the best. prinku is happy that after Anika blamed Pinky still Pinky is doing so much. Pinky says now that the relationship is made forever she has to take it forward being the elder. She asks Prinku to get haldi as she buys mehendi. As Prinku goes Pinky asks the shopkeeper for the medicine to burn hands and asks him to pack it also alongwith. Prinku waits at the car as Kaamini(Amrapali Gupta) notices her and walks towards her only to be interrupted by Pinky who asks her to stay away from Prinku or she would have to face Pinky.

A very sorry and guilt SSO reaches his thinking spot- the kitchen. He finds somebody is already “thinking” there-Omkie. They become a bit awkward seeing each other but manage to make it into a brothers-hot-chocolate session.  Omkara understands something is going on in Shivaay’s head and he asks him the reason. Anika on the other hand sits crying by the poolside and Gauri walks by noticing her there. She walks to Anika and asks her the reason she is crying. Rudra is busy boring his friends with his “Shut-up Rudra” jokes when he sees Bhavya comes down all decked up for the mehendi function. He is left spellbound once again, he runs to her and says he wishes to say sorry for the other day. One of Bhavya’s friends tries to take her away but Rudra won’t have it, he gets hold of her hand once again, making her cry. He realizes this and before she can come up once again with -her friend from Begumpur whose marriage failed as a boy held her hand -story he relates the story himself and lets go of her hand. She walks away and sits with the bride while a totally lost Rudy follows her around scattering flowers around her. Anika tells Gauri that she is just sad that she upset Shivaay by blaming his mother like that. Gauri insists that she has seen trust beyond love between Shivaay and Anika and when there is trust the relationship does not break that easily. Anika is relieved to have Gauri to share her feeling with, she hugs Gauri saying Shivaay is right in saying Gauri and Anika are similar, she says she feels that they are sisters rather than sister-in-laws. Omkara listens to Shivaay as he tells him he made a big mistake by saying such a thing to Anika. He says he cannot bear tears in her eyes. Om says that Anika understands Shivaay and she knows he says rubbish when angry but does not actually mean it. Omkara drops a very good question why was Nayantara in the house if only for money as she could have asily demanded that in return of Sahil. Shivaay refuses to talk about it and says he is just pleased that the woman is not Anika’s mother. Om observes that Shivaay is not changed , but Shivaay says Anika’s lineage matters to him no more yet this one part is his weak spot and try as he may he cannot change it. Om notices Anika and Gauri at the kitchen door, but Anika turns to walk away as Shivaay looks at her. Shivaay sstops her and brings her in and offers her hot chocolate and a sorry. Anika too says sorry and they smile hugging each other as Omkara keeps glaring at Gauri.

Precap: Shivaay-Omkie and Anika-Gauri have a family time in the kitchen with the song “zindagi hass ke bithayenge” while dancing around happily, we also have a glimpse of a very changed avataar of our new girl-Bhavya, she is seen fighting goons in total badaas mode jumping over cars and what not!


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