Ishqbaaz latest news – Bhavya and Rudra’s chocolatewala romance ahead

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In the last episode of Star Plus show Ishqbaaz we have seen that Bhavya (Mansi Srivastava) gets a call from her boss who tells her that her assignment is done and she should move out of Oberoi House.

Bhavya gets sad with the thought of leaving Rudra (Leenesh Mattoo) and the Oberoi family.

Now, in the upcoming episodes, viewers will get to see some lovely moments between Rudra and Bhavya.

It will so happen that Rudra will be working out in his gym and Bhavya comes there to talk to him about some proof for which she had come to Oberoi mansion. Bhavya would trip and fall in Rudra’s arma. The couple will be lost into each other. However, they will come out of it soon.

Bhavya will get put handcuffs on Rudra and lock him. She would then offer him chocolate but Rudra will be unable to reach towards her and she would tease him.

Next scene would be that Bhavya would be in his arms and he will be eating chocolate and they will be once again lost into each other.

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Meanwhile, in the last precap of the show we have seen that Bhavya leaves Oberoi Mansion late in the night and is in danger. Everyone is worried about Bhavya.

Will Bhavya and Rudra get separated? We will have to wait and watch.

Keep reading this space for latest updates of Ishqbaz!

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