Ishqbaaz Written Episode 08 May 2017 Ishqbaz Written Update

Star Plus serial Ishqbaaz 08th May 2017 Written Update, Ishqbaaz 08.05.2017 Written Episode Update

Today’s Ishqbaaz 08 May 2017 episode starts with Shivaay refusing to perform Kulgotra puja and Pinky getting extremely angry with Shivaay for refusing to do the puja. Anika informs Mahi that he and Shivaay are twin brothers, Mahi refuses to believe, Anika says she has the DNA test result as the proof. 

Some time back… Shivaay says he has taken the decision of not doing the puja for both Anika and Shivaay. Anika gets emotional and cries, Shivaay gets surprised. Anika calls Shivaay Sweet Singh Oberoi. Anika says she is scared that she may lose Shivaay, her happiness. Shivaay consoles Anika and reassures her that everything will be fine and if needed Shivaay would fight the God for it. Shivaay and Anika hug each other. Shivaay and Anika make fun of each other and call each other mad.

Shivaay leaves and Anika gets Khanna’s call, Anika gets worried about the DNA test result. Anika gets startled if she should try to know about Shivaay’s past if Shivaay is ready to let go of Anika’s past. Pinky gets angry on Shivaay for refusing to do the Puja. Shivaay stays firm on his decision. Anika decides to tell Khanna that she is not interested in knowing the result of DNA test. But when Anika picks up the call, Dr. Goyal comes on the phone and informs Anika that Shivaay and Mahi’s DNA samples match and that Mahi and Shivaay are brothers. 

Anika gets shocked and remembers how Mahi had saved Shivaay and how Anika had tried to get information from Mahi. Mahi tries to talk to Kamini, Kamini gets angry on Mahi for calling her. Mahi says he is worried about Kamini, she tells Mahi to keep away from him and not to call again, Mahi feels hurt. Mahi looks for something to eat. Mahi gets emotional for being all alone. As Mahi longs to talk to someone, he goes off to sleep. Pinky gets furious that the details of Shivaay’s wife will never be entered in his Patri, Shivaay says it doesn’t matter to him anymore as he has accepted Anika as it is. Pinky expresses her irritation to Dadi. Anika overhears this conversation and wonders what should she do with the information that she has got about Shivaay and Mahi. Shivaay comes to Anika and asks her to get ready for the Press Conference. Anika tells Shivaay that she has to drop Sahil to school and has some other work, she may not be able to attend the press conference. Anika remembers her conversation with Dr. Goyal and suddenly hugs Shivaay. Anika says she just wanted to wish Shivaay best luck for the Press Conference. Anika decides that she must know the truth so that Shivaay would know the real truth. Anika decides to meet Mahi. Shivaay gets a call from the Panwala from brothel area who informs Shivaay that Nayantara is back. Shivaay tells Panwala that he doesn’t wish to speak to Nayantara and not to give his number to Nayantara. Pinky gets angry with Shivaay’s stand and decides to play her trump card. Pinky calls someone and asks the person to be ready. Anika reaches Mahi’s place, Mahi wakes up from sleep and gets shocked to see Anika. Mahi asks Anika to leave, Anika says she knows why Mahi saved Shivaay’s life. Anika tells Mahi that Shivaay is his brother, Mahi gets shocked. Shivaay gives a speech in Press Conference, reporters question Shivaay on Tia. Pinky notifies to one reporter secretly, the reporter asks Shivaay about Anika. Shivaay says Anika’s presence is not necessary. The reporter probes Shivaay over Anika’s background and family, Pinky feels happy. Mahi refuses to believe in Anika. Anika says she has got the DNA report as the proof. Mahi gets shocked.


Shivaay says Anika belongs to a decent and respectable family. Bar Dancer Nayantara enters and calls Shivaay as Son in Law. Nayantara dances in Press Conference and calls herself Anika’s Mummy. Shivaay gets shocked. 

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