Ishqbaaz Written Episode 12 September 2017 Ishqbaz Written Update

Star Plus serial Ishqbaaz Written Update 12th September 2017, Ishqbaaz 12 September 2017 Episode Full Written Update

Today’s (12.09.2017) Ishqbaaz episode starts with Omkara and Gauri enter Oberoi mansion along with Shiv-Parvati idol, Omkara is shocked to see Peter and Kaveri. Some time back…

Shivaay, Bhavya and Rudra discuss Swetlana’s key. Shivaay ignores Anika. Bhavya tells Tej is trying to help them. She has arranged to get a duplicate key to fool Swetlana

Tej warns Svetlana to be in the character of Kaveri. Bhavya tells Rudra to place duplicate key in Svetlana’s cupboard. Tej sees Svetlana missing from the kitchen. Bhavya sees Svetlana approaching towards the room and whistles to notify Rudra, Rudra fails to understand. Finally Rudra understands the hint, puts the key and hides in the cupboard. Kaveri questions Bhavya, Bhavya covers up. Svetlana enters her room and looks for the key in her cupboard, Rudra smartly keeps it back, Svetlana feels happy and leaves.

Bhavya opens the cupboard, Rudra comes out, Bhavya hugs him. Dadi feels happy about the Kuldevta idol coming back to Oberoi Mansion, Anika gets emotional. Anika and Bhavya light up the Diyas. Bhavya tells Anika that key is very old and it’s lock is in the Oberoi Mansion. Anika decides to go to the store room to check the lock in the old furniture. Omkara and Gauri wait at a Dhaba, the Dhaba owner asks them about their wedding, Omkara fails to answer, Gauri feels sad.

Bhavya tells Shivaay that Anika is in the store room, Shivaay goes to the store room. Anika struggles in the dark, Shivaay puts the light on. Anika keeps saying thank you to Shivaay, he gets irritated. Shivaay stops a cupboard from falling on Anika, Anika encourages Shivaay to confess love, Shivaay fails to do it and leaves for other work. A file by Shivaay’s name falls on the floor, Anika finds a letter, Dadi snatches it before Anika can take it. Dadi questions Anika and asks Anika to leave for Puja. Later, Dadi questions Shakti about the papers, Shakti says they must be duplicates as he has burnt the original papers. Dadi gets worried about the truth coming in front and the family getting affected. Bhavya and Rudra tell Shivaay that Anika wants to hear the three magical words from him, Shivaay refuses to listen to them. Shivaay avoids Pinky. Omkara and Gauri enter with the idol with Dhol music and do the sthapana. Dadi blesses Omkara and Gauri, Omkara saves Gauri from falling on the Diya. Shivaay and Rudra tease Omkara. Anika and Bhavya question Gauri. FB shows Om – Gauri deciding to not utter about their troubles in last few days. Svetlana looks at the idol and decides to complete her motive. Omkara gets shocked to see Tej and Svetlana as Peter and Kaveri. Omkara decides to throw Svetlana out of Oberoi Mansion, Shivaay and Rudra stop him and tell Omkara to go with the plan. Tej dances in Goan style with Gauri, Tej tells Kaveri to show Bharatnatyam to Gauri. Pinky blames Anika for all the mishap in Oberoi Mansion, Shivaay stops Pinky from talking against Anika. Pinky tells Shivaay that she is left alone in the Oberoi Mansion. Shivaay accuses Pinky of breaking his marriage, Shivaay tells Pinky to introspect. Shakti says everyone respected Pinky for she is Shivaay’s mother, but since Pinky distanced herself from Shivaay, everyone went away from her. Pinky again blames Anika, Shivaay screams on Pinky and asks her to leave. Pinky gets annoyed, Shivaay leaves from there. Omkara tells Peter and Kaveri to leave and screams at them. Jhanvi stops Omkara saying Peter and Kaveri are guests. Omkara refuses to listen, Jhanvi slaps Omkara. Jhanvi apologizes to Omkara, Omkara gets upset with Jhanvi. Omkara warns Peter and Kaveri to leave else he will get them arrested. Svetlana gets worried and realizes that she only has the night to execute her plan. Omkara, Shivaay, Rudra and Bhavya laugh, it turns out to be their plan. Jhanvi cries and apologizes to Omkara. Rudra and Bhavya decide to keep an eye on Svetlana and ask Shivaay and Omkara to catch her red handed. 


Dadi warns Pinky that if she tries something nasty, Dadi will turn evil for her. Anika overhears and feels bad. Anika gets a call and gets shocked. 

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