Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyar latest news: Nishi to refuse getting married

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The current track of Sony TV’s Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyar is having some high voltage drama as the families came together for Nishii and Jignesh’s wedding.

It will be seen that Nishi and Jignesh will finally take the nuptials in front of both the families but there will be a major twist during the rituals.

In the upcoming episodes the mystery behind Suhani’s birth will finally be revealed.

Neil tries his level best to ensure that all his daughter’s wedding is done smoothly but Suhani’s revelation will create a new big hurdle.

Nishii gets heartbroken after knowing the truth about Suhani and will feel betrayed by Neil (Ronit Roy) and Ragini (Pallavi Kulkarni) for hiding the truth from her and she will refuse to come out of her room for her saat pheras with Jignesh.

Neil will convince Nishii tocome out as Jignesh’s family and all the guests are waiting for the wedding rituals to complete.

Later, Nishii will decide to keep Suhani’s secret aside for some time and will come back to finish the pheras.

Thought on screen Suhani’s revelation is creating a lot of drama and problems  between Neil and Ragini’s relationship,the entire cast is having  lot of fun time performing the wedding rituals, off screen.



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