Jeet Gayi Toh Piya More 12 September 2017 Written Episode, JGTPM Written Update

Zee TV serial Jeet Gayi Toh Piya More 12th September 2017 Written Episode, JGTPM 12 September 2017 Written Update

Today’s (12.09.2017) Jeet Gayi Toh Piya More episode starts with Adhiraj stops taking pheras and tells the girl to show her face. Maa saa says what happened, he says i have to see the bride’s face before the last phera. Maa saa says something but he stops her. Urmi is worried, Bharat tries to handle situation and says it will be bad luck, Adhiraj says haven’t you understood that nothing in this marriage is good luck, Adiraj says i can open the ghoongat, tel her to show her face, Adi yells at the bride, Urmi is tensed as Adhiraj opens the ghoongat, urmi is scared, Adi is shocked to see Urmi, Maa and her family is shocked, Adi says Bhabhisaa says YOU, Adiraj says first my mother was betrayed by Chauhan family and now you have betrayed me. He tells Urmi that i will talk to you later, first i have to handle important thing. Maa Saa slaps urmi.

Adhiraj calls a cop and asks him to point out a gun at Devi’s sister. Maa saa yells at Urmi for betraying them and says dogs are more loyal than you. urmi says I am fainting, Urmi’s mother takes her side and blames what have they done to her daughter. Adhiraj holds Bharat’s collar and asks where is Devi, Bharat asks him i should ask you where is my daughter, why is your Bhabhi dressed as Devi, he questions urmi and pretends to asks. Bharat aks what happened Adhiraj Rajawat, with whom will you take revenge, he says this is my revenge with your family for all the problems you have given to us. He tells Adi to finish the seventh phera and end the story. Bua tells Maa saa you were calling me bad luck, see what’s in your destiny, Adhiraj again shouts and asks where is Devi, he says i don’t know.

Urmi says your elder brother left me and went and now you are behind Devi, please marry me or my image will be ruined, she begs him, Adhiraj goes to her and laughs off at her. he asks how can you think i could love my Bhabhi, Urmi’s mother slaps her for her move as now she will not have place in Rajawat family.

Bharat tells Adhiraj that Devi will never come and he should marry urmi and save his family’s reputation. urmi says Bharat is right, Urmi’s mother pleads Maa saa to forgive.

Maa Saa tells Adi i had told you to marry asap but you wanted to play game, the girl has ran away, Adi says i had promised you, i will marry the girl and that too today it self, now you see what i will do.

Devi gets a call. The cop guys asks her whose phone it is. Adhiraj says i am glad to hear your voice, what do you think you will run away and i will not find out, he says how many times do i have to tell you, come fast to me, Devi says do whatever you want i will not come, He says i didn’t tell you all things, he Says my life is stick in a sparrow but the sparrows life is stuck in the little sparrow (Devi’s sister), He says you have half an hour, either my mother will see our marriage picture else she will not see anything, Devi says NO. He says one minute is done you have only 29 mins.

Devi tells the cop guy to stop the car, she says thank you so much, you have helped me, but now will go ahead from now, don’t come behind me.

Devi runs back to the temple. Urmi’s mother tells Maa saa that the girl may not come, let your son marry urmi. Maa saa says my son has told that he will get the girl and marry her, so everyone has to wait until he comes. Bharat says you cannot take that you have lost, you all have gone crazy. He tells adhiraj, nothing has left for you and Devi has left from here, she will never come here, Adhiraj looks at his watch and leaves. Devi leads a man to give her lift till the temple where everyone is waiting for her.

Devi reaches temple and steps out of her car. She is coming upstairs while Adhiraj looks at her. Bharat is shocked. Urmi is upset. Bharat asks her what are you doing here, why did you come here. Devi goes to the ghatbandhan and tells Adhiraj to start the ritual, what is he waiting for, i am ready to marry you. Adhiraj looks at her, she says there is no forcing here, i am marrying you at will, why are your waiting, Adhiraj is happy. He tells the Pandit to start the mantras, he holds Devi’s hands and starts the pheras. Bharat is in tears. Maa Saa is happy. Adi stares at Devi as he takes pheras.  Devi takes her pheras and says from today onwards adhiraj i will write a new lesson in your life, She is more confident than being sad, but her family is sad, Urmi is sad, Adhiraj puts sindoor in her forehead. 

Pandit says marriage is done, Devi asks where is my sister Krishika, i am married to you now, tell me where is my sister, Bharat’s wife cries for her daughter. Devi tells you took support of a small girl to force me to marry me, she says you point gun at a small girl, you should be ashamed, she says that day i called you namard, and today what will you call yourself, now marriage is sone, now if anything happens to my sister, then.. she stops and says please give my sister, where is she…episode ends.


Bua tells Devi that Adhiraj has left empty Doli for you, don’t do to them, Devi says Adhiraj has done mistake ny marrying me, i will take my doli by myself.

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