Kahaan Hum Kahaaan Tum Spoilers: Rohit takes a stand for Sonakshi

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In the coming episodes of Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum (KHKT) on Star Plus, we will see that Pooja’s adoption truth gets published in the newspaper with Sonakshi’s being quoted for it.

Sonakshi gets reprimanded by Sippy family for revealing this truth to the media. Sonakshi denies saying anything to the journalist. Rohan asks her how can anyone lead such sensitive news in media if Sonakshi has said nothing about it. Naren blames Sonakshi to be a drama queen being a TV actress. He says that she must have done this to get more fame and be in the limelight. Sonakshi tries to explain that she has done nothing but faces everyone’s disappointment as they find it difficult to believe her. Sippy family is worried about Pooja and do not want her to know the truth.

Suman also finds out about Pooja’s truth being out with Sonakshi’s name. She gets worried that Soinakshi will get blamed for this news. She rushes to Sippy Mansion to defend Sonakshi. Surprising Rohit will take a stand for Sonakshi as he knows that Sonakshi had earlier risked her career to save Pooja’s reputation during the wardrobe malfunction mishap.

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