Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 12 July 2019 Written Update: Rohit asks Netra’s help for Sonakshi’s forgiveness

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Here’s what will happen in the coming episode of Kahaan Hum Kahaan on Star Plus. Sonakshi is busy shooting on her sets. She does not like to work with Sumit as he is drunk. Sumit does not listen to her request as he dislikes her very much. Netra is proud of Sonakshi as she is ready to work while making adjustments with a difficult co-star. Rohit comes on the sets in order to apologize to Sonakshi but she is not ready to forgive him.

Netra tells Rohit that Sonakshi is much hurt and will not forget the incident of her mother’s arrest so easily. She asks him to meet her in the evening. Karan says sorry to Netra for creating drama on her sets earlier. Sonakshi gets into an argument with Sumit as he comments about her work. She scolds him for gifting her a watch that belonged to someone else and reminds Suit of his numerous past mistakes.

Nishi thinks to apologize to Suman. Yash makes Nishi realize her mistake and tells her apologizing will only bring peace to her. He teller her that she should also apologize to his mother but Nishi is not ready to say sorry to her mother in law. Pooja overhears their conversation and gets upset. Nishi argues with Yash and reveals how Veena and Naren had saved their failed marriage for the sake of Pooja’s happiness.

Meanwhile, at home, Suman is very upset and recollects her bad time, which makes her further sad. She tells Sonakshi that she is helpless to make her children work. They have an emotional moment. She tells Sonakshi that she knows the value of money in life due to their bad times. She tells Sonakshi not to forgive Rohit and his family for her humiliation. Rohit meets Netra and tells her that though his family is his first priority, he does not want Sonakshi to be angry with his family and wants to apologize to her on their behalf.

Sonakshi is in a dilemma as she knows that Rohit is not wrong, however, all the mess started because of him. She does not want to meet him again. Netra suggests Rohit to give his hospital for the shoot to her for one day so that she can bring Sonakshi there and lets them sort out their differences.

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