Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 16 July 2019 Written Update- Rohit’s prank to teach Sumit a lesson

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Here’s what will happen in the coming episodes of Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum on Star Plus. Rohit asks Netra to help him teach a good lesson to Sumit who is troubling Sonakshi and the crew with his tantrums. he is much upset after knowing that Sumit is responsible for the misunderstandings between Sonakshi and him over Rohit’s watch which Sumit gifted to Sonkashi. Netra and Rohit decide to play a prank on Sumit.

Meanwhile, Rohit’s mother is worried about his future and wants him to get married soon. She wonders if Sonakshi has forgiven Rohit. She wants Rohit to change his decision and settle down in life. Sonakshi gets a leave and decides to rest and sleep during her leave. She hears about the prank on Sumit and goes to see. Sumit is seen flirting with a girl and does cheap things with her. He gets a big shock when he finds out that it is a guy disguised as girl with whom he was flirting. Everyone laughs at Sumit while he fumes in anger in embarrassment and seeing other laugh at him. Rohit and Sonakshi have a moment as they laugh over Sumit and high five each other. Sumit blames Sonakshi for this. Rohit admits that he had played a prank on him in order to teach him a lesson. Later, Sonakshi confronts Rohit and tells him that she can never forget what happened to her mother because of his family and things can never be fine between them.

Next day, Suman sees Pari’s picture in the newspaper and gets hopeful that Pari will be more successful and earn more than Sonakshi. She has high hopes on Pari while Sonakshi get upset. Rohit’s sister Pooja also tells him about being finalist in the fashion show and asks him to attend it. He agrees.

Sumit also attends the fashion show as a judge. He knows Sonakshi’s sister is participating and decides to humiliate Pari to seek revenge from Sonakshi. Pari tells Sonakshi to talk to Sumit and make her the winner for the fashion show. Sonakshi refuses to take favours from Sumit.

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