Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 18 June 2019 Episode Written Update

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 18th June 2019 Written Update, KHKT Written Episode

Today’s (18.06.2019) Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum episode starts with Rohit (Karan V Grover) comes to the hospital. Everyone greets him while he asks his staff for reports and files for work. A girl flirts with him while she asks him to check her father’s report. He tells her that her father’s surgery happened three months back and he is fine. She has to come later for follow up. The girl gives him gajar ka halwa as she leaves. He gives his nurse the halwas and she gets too happy as she too is a fan of hers.

A little girl in the hospital sees Parvati’s video. She tells her mumma that she will also be brave like Parvati Didi. She insists her mom to call Parvati Didi. The girl talks to Parvati aka Sonakshi (Dipika Kakar) that she is in pain. Parvati says i am also tensed, since i have to dance. the girl says but your husband is serious nah how will you save him. Sonakshi says you will have to see episode. The girl’s mum says sorry to Sonakshi for troubling her, Sonakshi says its ok, she is such a small girl who will go through big surgery. Sonakshi motivates the little girl to give a nice smile and hug to her doctor. Rohit comes to the little girl and tells her that today is your surgery. her mother is worried. he tells the kid to be a super girl. After the surgery you will no longer be tired and you will be able to dance and play with your friends. You just have to be brave. The girl closes her eyes and reads out a poem about fear and courage (given by Sonakshi). Rohit is surprised and aks her who taught her. She shows TV and says Parvati Didi. She hugs doctor just like Parvati Didi. Rohit says i should also hug you Parvati Didi. Can you hug me on her behalf. The girl again hugs Rohit. Sonakshi feels the hugs and wonders about the feeling (KHKT song plays in background). Her producers comes and tells her that their show is number one again. She shares her feeling with the producer that for a moment she got the whole world’s love. Producer says it is your fans’ love. Sonakshi says this was something else but it was very sweet. Sonakshi says in background that two people may be so different but if they are connected, they will surely meet even if it takes time. Both Rohit and Sonakshi are seen praying to God.

Parvati is shooting for her dance sequence, Her costar shows off and throws tantrum. Soankshi says in background how her co-star taunts her post shooting but they are a super hit pair onscreen. Meanwhile, Rohit performs surgery on the little girl. Sonakshi dances on ghar more pardesiya. She checks her phone to check on the little girl’s (Preeti) mum to see if surgery went well. Rohit finishes the surgery and says her mum that surgery went well, Preeti is fine. The mum thanks Rohit, he happen to remember the slap incident of past and gets serious. he goes back to his cabin. He tries calling someone, but phone is out of cverage. He gets tensed about his past.

Dipika dances on ghar more pardeisya. She faints down due to overworking and ill health, Producer asks some boys to get doctor. They wonder where to get doctor. Rohit is in the car and talks to his dadi. The boys see dotor sign on Rohit’s car and request him to attend to their madam who has fainted down. Producer asks the boys where is the doctor, they point at Rohit, she asks he is the doctor, he seems to be panicky. Producer asks him is he is OK. he says i am claustrophobic. Others on the set comments that this guy is more of actor than a doctor. Rohit asks for water. Producer too is worried and asks him if he is ok. Rohit tells others to leave as he is uneasy and asks for a chair. Rohit sees Sonakshi as she is lying on the couch. She checks her hands (KHKT plays in background).

Kahan Hum Kahan Tum 19 June 2019 PRECAP:

Sonakshi questions Rohit to be a goos doctor, he overhears it. Later, he sees her onscreen where again she questions the doctor as part of her seen. Rohit gets upset and asks his family why are they seeing her serial. Rohit and Sonakshi’s sweet love-hate story starts.

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