Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 19 August 2019 Written Update

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Here’s what will happen in today’s episode of Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum (KHKT) on Star Plus. Sonakshi come to the party and is shocked to see the guests at the bachelors party. However, she doesn’t lose courage and deals with it. She gives a speech and gets the pictures clicked with the guests as per her deal with Mhatre. She tells him that she is done with her commitment. Mhatre gets angry with Sonakshi’s smartness.

Meanwhile, Rohit gets drunk. He walks on the road in a drunk state. he is much pain for having lost his love, Raima. Rohit’s driver gets worried for Rohit and informs Veena that Rohit has gone missing.. She gets worried and wakes up Naren. The entire family get tensed about Rohit.

Sonakshi tells Mhatre to delete Pooja’s pictures and videos, as if his wife and daughter know his truth, he would have to face troubles. She asks him to stop doing wrong things for the sake of his family. Mhatre doesn’t want to fall in his daughter’s eyes and agrees to delete Pooja’s videos and pics.

Sonakshi calls Netra and tells her that she is fine and coming back to Mumbai. It raining heavily and Rohit gets hit by Sonakshi’s car. Sonakshi is shocked to see Rohit in such a state and and rushes to save him. She manages to put him into the car and realizes that he is drunk. She asks Rohit what happened and why is he in such a state. She sees his wounds and tells the driver to take them to the hospital.

Veena and the family worry about Rohit. Sonakshi sees Sippy family’s missed calls on Rohit’s phone. She calls Veena and informs her that Rohit in unwell, and they are on the way to Mumbai.

Rohan calls Pari to know about Sonakshi but she doesnot have idea about Saonakhi’s whereabouts. Pari and Suman find out that Sonakshi has gone to Pune. Suman gets angry and meets Netra and questions her about sending sending Sonakshi for an event. They get et into an argument. Sonakshi informs Rohit’s family that he admitted in the hospital. Rohit gets treated. Veena thanks to Sonakshi for saving Rohit. Sonakshi informs Veena that Rohit had gone to meet Raima.

Veena gets much emotional and tells Sonakshi Rohit operating Raima and how he had failed in the surgery. She tells Sonakshi that Raima will never come back to Rohit and hopes that Rohit accepts the truth. Sonakshi also talks about her past to Veena. Sonakshi takes care of Rohit.

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