Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 22 August 2019 Written Update

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum latest news, KHKT upcoming twists

Here’s what will happen in the coming episode of Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum (KHKT) on Star Plus. Nishi does not want Rohit to marry Sonakshi as she does not like her mother Suman. She is not happy with their pairing. Veena is not worried about Suman and thinks that Sonakhsi is the right girl for Rohit. She is sure that both the family relations will get fine once their marriage is fixed. She decides to meet Suman for Rohit and Sonakshi’s marriage proposal.

Rohit feels bad about lying to his family about being in love with Sonakshi. Ajit tells him not to overthink. Rohit messages Sonakshi for a dinner date. She is busy with her shoot and does not get to see his messages. He thinks if Sonakshi is upset with him. Later, Sonakshi sees her phone and gets happy about dinner plan. She gives a positive response which makes Rohit happy.

Rohan manipulates Tanya and gets her to invite Pari for Rahul’s birthday party. He is cheating Tanya and trying to trap Pari. Sonakshi informs Suman that she is going with Rohit on a dinner date. Suman is not much happy but does not react. Veena comes to Sippy house with Shagun. Suman is very much surprised.

Sonakshi is happy about meeting Rohit and imagines him around. She hopes that Rohit confesses his love to her. They meet at the restaurant. Rohit compliments her. He plans to tell her about helping with the drama to pretend to be his girlfriend in front of his family. However, he turns nervous and proposes to her. Soankshi is much surprised and unable to believe it. Soon, Rohit changes his version and tells her if she can play his fake girlfriend in front of the family. He tells her how his family is forcing him to get married soon and hence he had to lie to them about being in love with her. Sonakshi is sad and angry on him too. She asks him how can he lie to his family and plan such drama. He tells her that it is Ajit’s mistake. She looses her clam and Rohit tells her to calm down. Sonakshi is not ready to cheat his family with fake love drama. They get into an argument. Rohit tells her the next part of his plan where he would break up with her after few days. She asks him how can he put her on the wrong side and blame her for break up. Sonakshi loves Rohit. She knows that Rohit is wrong and cannot fake it to be in love with him. Sonakshi meets Veena, who requests Sonakshi to accept Rohit’s love. Rohit gets tensed about convincing Sonakshi.

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Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum spoilers: Rohit and Sonakshi pretend to be in love

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