Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 24 July 2019 Written Update

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Here’s what will happen in today’s episode of Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum on Star Plus. Pooja and Rohit blame Sonakshi to have stooped so low to make her sister win the contest. Sonakshi tries to explain Rohit that she can understand that he is upset about the incident but he cannot blame her as she can never do such a thing. Rohit tells her that Pooja had seen her with her dress. Sonakshi recollects that she was fixing Pari’s dress when Pooja saw her. She tries to clear the misunderstanding but Rohit is not ready to believe her and tells her to look at Pooja who is devastated and asks her to admit her mistake. Sonakshi refuses to so do. Rohit says that she is very insensitive and selfish to put another woman’s dignity at stake. She accuses Sonakshi and her mother to greedy and selfish people. Sonakshi tells him enough is enough and he cannot talk bad about his family.

Sumit enjoys Rohit and Sonakshi’s showdown over and his plan being successful. He is happy that he took revenge from Sonakshi. He thinks to insult Pooja even more in order to worsen the fight between Sonakshi and Rohit. Sippys go back home. Pooja’s father Yash finds out about Pooja wardrobe malfunction incident. He comforts her and asks her to forget the incident. Pooja cries a lot as she worries that her image has got ruined. Naren assures that he will stop the media from spreading the news. Rohit is upset to see Pooja in such state.

Veena thinks that Sonakshi cannot do such a thing. Rohit thinks that his mother is much emotional person to think that Sonakshi is innocent. Yash also thinks Sonakshi is not behind all of this. Rohit gets more upset.

Sonakshi finds Pari not to be much happy after winning the contest and asks her what is bothering her. Pari reveals to her that she had changed her dress with Pooja. She is worried to thinks that she could have been the victim of wardrobe malfunction instead of Pooja. Sonakshi is shocked, She thinks that if this would have happened to Pari, she too would have been upset. She wonders what is Rohit going through now. She tells Pari not to tell Suman about this. She doubts that Sumit or Karan could be behind this mishap. She decides to take help from Rohit but he is not ready to talk to her.

Sonakshi will take a disguise to find out the truth while Rohit remains revengeful against Sonakshi.

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