Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum First Episode Update and Review: You will fall in love with Rohit and Sonakshi

Star Plus much awaited show Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum (KHKT) featuring Dipika Kakar and Karan V Grover as Sonakshi and Rohit, saw its premier today, 17 June 2019. Rohit is a successful heart surgeon while Sonakshi is a popular TV star known as Parvati (onscreen character). Their love story is about two individuals who are connected with love but belong to two different worlds. How their love story survive the challenges of their different worlds, we will have to wait and watch!

In the first episode, we see Sonakshi aka Parvati shooting a emotional scene at a hospital . The director praises Sonakshi for her performance. Sonakshi refuses to take money for the special shoot meant for army people. To the viewers delight, we see Divyanka Tripathi aka Ishita of Yeh hai Mohabbatein make a special appearance on the show. Its a delight to see two successful actress talking about their real life and reel life. Sonakshi seems to be having health issues owing to her demanding career and back to back shoots. Her mother makes a pint to make her realize that she is the reason behind her success and not her fans. Looks like, Sonakshi is burdened by her mother’s big expectations! She also seems to have a bitter past when her makeup artists asks her about a mark under her ear.

Meanwhile, Rohit is seen a eligible bachelor who is successful in his filed as a heart surgeon. His plays football with his friend. They asks him to find a girl soon. Sonakshi and Rohit happen to meet but miss seeing each other as Sonakshi’s car driver bump into Rohit’s friend bike. Rohit and his friend fall from the bike. Rohit gets into a conversation with the driver and misses to see Sonakshi in the car. Sonakshi tries to have a look at Rohit and his friend, but misses to see Rohit.

Further, we see Rohit’s family (a rich and affluent Sindhi family). His Dadi feels proud of him reading an article about him in the newspaper. We see Rohit thinking about a bitter past with his mum when his Dadi says that his parents would have been proud of him. They discuss about opening a new wing of their hospital. His brother suggest to get the inauguration done by popular TV actress Sonakshi aka Parvati instead of a boring senior heart surgeon.

Now in the coming episode, we will see Sonakshi faints down on the sets owing to work pressure and is taken to the hospital. Rohit will attend to Soankshi. It will be now interesting to see how the love story of two individuals with same values but two different world, will begin.

You will instantly connect with Dipika Kakar’s character as Sonakshi. She performs her role effortlessly. Karan V Grover, too, dons his character of a heart surgeon very well. Sonakshi and Rohit’s onscreen pairing has already hit off with the fans with the initial promos of the show. It a treat to watch Dipika and Karan back on small screen in daily fiction series!

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