Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum spoilers: Pooja exposes Raima bride swap in wedding mandap

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Fans of Star Plus popular serial Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum (KHKT) will have to gear up for high voltage drama during Rohit (Karan V Grover) and Sonakshi (Dipika Kakar) wedding.

It would be seen that Mahesh kidnaps Sonakshi and forces her to marry him while Raima takes Sonakshi’s place in the wedding altar to marry Rohit. Sonakshi shares her problem about re-shoot for her show given the circumstances. Raima tells her that she cannot leave her wedding and go for shooting. Sulochana gets to know this and tells Raima that she can make use of this opportunity and take Sonakshi’s place in the wedding mandap and marry Rohit. Raima gets manipulated by Sulochana and agrees. She tells Sonakshi about the same and asks her to finish her shoot and come back soon while she takes her place in the mandap. She lies to her that she wants to unite Rohit and her but wants to marry Rohit using the opportunity.

Netra tells Sonakshi that she has made the arrangements and come soon for the re-shoot. Sonakshi changes her bridal dress and gives it to Raima who gets much happy. Rohit comes to meet Sonakshi but nearly misses to see her as she leaves. Sonakshi looks for her driver Shankar to go for the shoot but Mahesh come there instead. He tells her that he has come secretly to take her for the shoot. Sonakshi thanks him and goes along with him.

Raima worries that she will get caught by Rohit but Sulochana tells her that Sonakshi won’t reach in time for the marriage and she can finish her marriage with Rohit. Rohit comes to meet Sonakshi but Raima is in her place and he fails to see her in the ghoongat. He expresses his feeling to Sonakshi before marriage and tells her about Raima’s mistake. Raima becomes more angry and wants to marry him at any cost.

Sonakshi manages to finish her shoot and rush back to the wedding however, Mahesh stops her. She is shocked to find out his truth that he is the stalke and molesterwhom Rohit was searching for long. He traps her while she tries to get away. Mahesh tells her that he loves her a lot and wants to marry her. He holds her captive in a godown. She tries to escape but he slaps her and Sonakshi gets unconscious.

Pooja gets to know that Raima has taken Sonakshi’s place in the mandap and exposes her. Raima tells the truth to Rohit. He worries about Sonakshi and thinks that she could be in big trouble. Sippy and Rastogi family get to know that Sonakshi has been kidnapped. Rohit rushes to save his lady love. He will be fighting Mahesh to save Sonakshi.

Rohit and Sonakshi will get married despite many hurdles.

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