Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum Spoilers: Sonakshi faces big troubles, get thrown out of her show KPK

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum latest news: Suman gets arrested, Sonakshi gets helpless

In the last episode of Star Plus popular serial Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum (KHKT), we have seen that Sonakshi meets Rohit for the last time and challenges him to become much more successful and rich than him.

Now, in the coming episodes, we will see that Sonakshi and Rohit live separate lives away from each other. Sonakshi gets a big shock as Netra throws her out of her show Kahani Karvati Ki (KPK). Sonakshi pays a big price as the media hypes about her separation from Rohit. Netra brings in new parvati and celebrates her show’s success. She gets Sumit and Sonakshi replaced with a new star cast. Netra doe snot feel bad about doing this as her show was suffering because of Sonakshi’s life making headlines everyday. She tells the media that Sonakshi is divorced now and she had to replace her.

Sonakshi gets another shock as Suman gets arrested and jailed after taking a loan and failing to repay it. She suffers a big loss in property investment as the builder cheats them and takes away all their money. Sonakshi struggles to get her mother out of jail as she suffers big financial loss.

Sonakshi assures to get Suman out of jail at any cost. The lawyers demand lot of money to get Suman’s bail done. Sonakshi struggles to arrange for money. Pari asks her to take help from Netra but Netra end her ties with Sonakshi and refuses to help her. Pari hides her pregnancy from everyone and plans to blackmail Rohan.

Sonakshi loses all her fame and gives auditions for cameo role. She manages to get work but soon loses it when she asks the producer for advance money.

Meanwhile, in Sippy house, Nishi enjoys taking over Sippy business and property. Naren recovers but is unable to talk and expose Nishi’s evil truth. He regrets and feels much helpless to see Rohit in a terrible state after getting separated from Soankshi because of Nishi’s evil deeds. Veena forgives Naren and takes care of him. Nishi plans Akash and Deepa’s marriage as she wants to bring some happiness in the family.

A producers PA tells Sonakshi about performing in a function. Sonakshi gets helpless to perform in the small event in order to save her mother. Rohit gets invited for the same function by his friend. He is shocked to see Sonakshi performing for a mens’ party for the sake of money. He had separated from her to left her move on and be successful and happy. However, he fails to keep a track of her in his sorrow. Rohit will find out about Sonakshi’s financial problem. Will he help her? We will have to wait and watch!

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