Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum spoilers: Stolen engagement ring drama ahead

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The loyal fans of Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum (KHKT) on Star Plus will soon have to gear up interesting drama during Rohit (Karan V Grover) and Sonakshi’s (Dipika Kakar) engagement function.

It would be seen that Sonakshi gets busy with her shoot and becomes late to reach the engagement function. Rohi waits for her and Raima tries to cheer him up. Raima dances with Rohit in the engagement function.

Later, Rohit and Raima get paired up for paper dance game. Sonakshi comes to the function and sees them together but does not get jealous. However, Suman does not like it. She thinks that Raima should understand the limits of her friendship with Rohit. However, Rohit and Raima have pure friendship.

Suman warns Sonakshi to keep Raima away from Rohit as she doesn’t want any trouble in Sonakshi’s life.

Further, Sonakshi’s psycho lover and stalker Mahesh manages to come to the engagement function. He steals the engagement ring in order to stop Rohit and Sonakshi’s engagement. The rings go missing, which causes a new problem for Rohit and Sonakshi.

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