Kaleerein Gossips: Sunny gets arrested, Meera and Vivaan unite

Zee TV Kaleerein serial upcoming twists, Kalire serial latest news

Here’s what will happen in the coming episodes of Kaleerein (Kalire) serial on Zee TV.

It would be seen that Sunny tortures Meera. Vivaan reaches there on time and saves Meera. Vivaan and Sunny have a right. Vivaan gets police there. He gets Sunny arrested. Meera and Vivaan unite.

Meera gets a cute dream of romancing Vivaan. She isn’t able to see Vivaan and family. She wishes to get her eyesight back.

Vivaan tells Meera that he has found an eye donor for her. They don’t know the donor personally. They get suspicious about the donor. Vivaan takes care of Meera. He wants her to get fine soon. Meera gets his support. 

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