Kaleerein Gossips : Vivaan to get shot

Zee TV Kaleerein serial gossips, Kalire latest news

Zee TV’s Kaleerein is gearing up for an interesting trac in the upcoming episodes of the show.

Vivaan has realized his love for Meera and he wants to marry her again. Vivaan and Meera will get into an argument and Vivaan will try to convince her to marry him. He will tell her that he wants to spend his entire life with her and he also wishes to raise their child with all the love he can give.

However Meera will refuse to marry him. Meera thinks Pammi is right but Vivaan doesn’t agree with Pammi.Pammi to marry Meera once again. He has realized his love for Meera, he wants to confront Pammi.

Vivaan is madly searching for Pammi and finally he will blame Meera. Meera will want to help Vivaan but she choses to stay away as Vivaan will misunderstand her as always.

Roma will send chits to Vivaan and Vivaan will think Pammi has sent the chits.Vivaan will get angry when after reading these disturbing notes from Pammi. He won’t understand that Roma has sent the notes to provoke his anger.

Later on Meera will be invited as a chief guest by Mrs.Singh in her academy. Meera will perform on a peppy song and impress the audience. Vivaan will enjoy Meera’s performance.
During the program Vivaan will get shot in the arm. Meera will be shocked and she will rush towards Vivaan. Vivaan will be in terrible pain as he will think this was Pammi’s planning. But Meera will understand that Roma
is conspiring against Vivaan.
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