Kaleerein upcoming story: Meera gets temporary blind after bomb blast

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Here’s what will happen in the upcoming episodes of Kaleerein serial on Zee TV.

It will be seen that Meera and Vivaan get injured after the bomb blast. Meera’s family rush them to the hospital. At the hospital, Mira loses her sight and becomes temporary blind. Vivaan gets treated by the doctor.

Sunny escapes from the godown on time and gets saved. He takes a disguise and reaches the hospital. He tries to kill Vivaan. He removes Vivaan’s oxygen mask to take revenge. But Meera comes there just in time and saves Vivan.

Sunny attempts to kill Meera but she shouts to doctor and calls everyone. He escapes after seeing her family.

Meera gets a big shock when she finds out that she can’t see. She asks doctor to help her. She tells Vivaan that she can’t see him. Vivaan and Meera’s family get worried for her. Doctor tells them about Meera’s nerve damage and temporary blindness, which can get cured over time.

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