Kalire 07 February 2018 Written Episode, Kaleerein Written Update

Zee TV serial Kalire 07th February 2018 Written Update, Kaleerein Written Episode

Today’s (07.02.2018) Kalire (Kaleerein) episode starts with Meera’s family excitedly makes arrangements for boys’s family for Meera’s alliance. Ladies order dishes from hotel. Aman and his younger brother eagerly wait near door. Boy and his mother enter. Aman asks if they found house easily. Mother says whole locality knows Meera’s name. Aman gets tensed thinking they must have come to know about Meera rejecting 17 alliances already. Family introduces themselves and makes them sit. Boy speaks in his fake accent and mother throws tantrum.

Meera is brought. Mother asks what she has studied. Dolly says BA and asks if boy studied MBA. Mother says from London and asks Meera where did she study. Family gets tensed. Meera says from Queen’s college. Mother says she heard students speak fluent English there, if she can speak. Meera speaks in broken English. Boy says she does not know English. Aman says Meera studied in Punjabi medium because he got heart attack once. Mother yells family tree has heart ailments. Daadi says her family is totally fit and fine and does situps and pushups. Aman’s brother makes her sit. Boy says he likes fit people. Mother continues throwing tantrum. Food is served. Mother asks Meera if she prepared them all and asks to tell dish names. Meera takes name right. Family relaxes. Dolly sees restaurant bill and steps on it. Mother says she likes honest bahu who can speak truth. Daadi says her Meera speaks truth.

Meera’s sister checks boy’s biodata on net silently. Mother asks Dolly to moves aside and shows restaurant bill. Boy shouts they are lier, whole food is from restaurant. Mother yells she does not want her son to be married in lier’s family. Family apologizes. Boy asks to apologize them. Family apologizes. Boy then asks Dolly to hold her ears and apologize as she lied more. Dolly holds ears. Meera says no and says now she will show boy’s biodata and shows his pics smoking and drinking and with many girls. Mother says she did not know about it. Meera says she was talking about morality and family tree, she is a big lier, her son is 31-year-old and not 25 as she quoted. Mother apologizes. Meera says her family values don’t allow elders to apologize. She asks boy to apologize. He says what. She twists his hand and murmurs something. He apologizes. Mother takes him away.

Daadi and whole family praise Meera. Dolly asks Meera why did she stop, she would have apologized more and convinced them. Meera says she is tired of all this, every boy rejects her with one or other weird reason, it is better she gets her married to some handicap. Dolly slaps her. Family stands in shock..


A lady introduces Vivaan Kapoor as London’s most eligible bachelor. Vivan is seen jogging. Meera thinks let him come to Hoshiarpur.

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