The Kapil Sharma Show – Sunil Grover to QUIT the show?

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Some days back, Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover, two major characters of The Kapil Sharma Show allegedly had a fight on a flight from Australia to India. 

An inebriated Kapil Sharma allegedly abused and assaulted Grover, who comic acts as Rinku Bhabhi and ‘Dr Mashoor Gulati on Sony TV’s The Kapil Sharma Show are immensely popular. Some reports claim that all has not been well between the two for a while now.

Now as per latest reports on a leading web portal, Sunil Grover may not be part of Sony TV’s The Kapil Sharma Show anymore.

Reportedly, The cast and crew of The Kapil Sharma Show shot for a fresh episode today but Sunil did not joined the cast for the shoot. According to the sources from the set Sunil is indeed, not shooting currently for the show.

When Sunil Grover was contacted regarding this, he refused to comment anything at the moment.

Meanwhile Kapil took to Facebook to deny all rumours. 

“Was celebrating my best time and suddenly I heard a news about me and Sunil paji fighting,” Kapil said in a post.

“First of all see where it is coming from. What are the intentions behind this? If I fought with him in the flight then who saw it and informed you. Is he trustworthy? Some people enjoy these kind of stuff,” Kapil posted on his Facebook page.

“I meet my brother once in a year and spending almost everyday with my team, especially Sunil. I love him. I respect him,” he added.

Kapil said that he had an argument with Sunil. “But are we not normal people? I shouted at him first time in five years. Itna to chalta hai bhai (this much is okay),” he added.

Kapil said that they would sit and talk and sort out the matter.

“I love him as an artist as a human being..He is like my elder brother.. why so much negativity all the time? ” he said.

He added that there are other serious issues in the country that need focus than his and Sunil’s problems.


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